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The 4 B’s of Hearts On Fire

DiamondEveryone knows the 4 C’s of diamonds: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Hearts On Fire teaches us about the 4 B’s: Brighter, Bolder, Bigger and more Beautiful.

When you are shopping for diamonds, everyone gives you the same information. They all speak to you in a strange language unique to the diamond trade. Using letters to describe color and purity, and their own system of measures, they are merely describing a diamond’s Characteristics. Loose DiamondsNamely the 4 C’s… Color, Clarity, Carat weight, and Cost. That’s right… every diamond, including rough diamonds, can be described in this way. If you want the biggest possible diamond for your money, of a particular color and clarity, your best bet is to buy a piece of rough. It will be twice as big as any diamond that has already been cut. How ironic. Because, what should be most important to you is precisely how that diamond is Cut. Cut is NOT one of the 4 C’s. Cut is not an inherent Characteristic of a diamond. Cut is something we do to a diamond.

Cut is what transforms all the Characteristics of diamond to Benefit you. That is why it is so important for you to consider the 4 B’s when you buy a diamond. Cut it what actually makes a diamond look Brighter, Bolder, Bigger and more Beautiful. Cut makes the color look better. Cut makes the clarity look better. Cut makes the diamond shine brighter and look bigger for its size. In fact, Cut increases the value of a diamond. The only diamond brand that offers perfectly cut diamonds throughout its collection, from the biggest to the smallest, is Hearts On Fire! Hearts On Fire

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