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Armenta Bracelets: Old World in a New Age

Do you consider yourself to be a deep thinker, an intellectual type, and a lover of history? You will appreciate the depth and details of Armenta bracelets. Each design borrows elements from an old story and modernizes the story as a compelling work of art. Armenta Bracelets are a thing of the past… and present Read more

Too Cool for Jewels: Armenta For The Guys

Armenta for the Guys is a collection of old world, masculine designs with a sense of adventure. These items are inspired by Spanish and Moorish designs as well as literature, art and architecture. Spanish designer Emily Armenta brings handcrafted treasures to fill your chest. Discover Armenta For The Guys Looking for some hot new gear Read more

Armenta Necklaces: Dark Art of Seduction

The collections of Armenta Necklaces are not for everyone. These unique pieces have a dark and mysterious element to them, making this brand a favorite among artists and deep thinkers. Armenta necklaces are unusual, maybe even spiritual, and always rather unpredictable. Armenta Necklaces Hold a Deeper Meaning Nothing says “I’m unusual and mysterious and deeply Read more

Armenta Earrings for the Poets and the Writers

If you’re looking for a statement piece of jewelry to suit a deep and soulful woman, Armenta earrings will do just the trick. This line of luxury jewelry is whimsical and dark. Every piece is full of symbolism that traces back to literature and art. Armenta Earrings are rich and full of meaning Jewelry designer Read more

Armenta Rings that will Charm You

Armenta rings stand out from the rest. These dark and charming pieces are anything but typical. Look at them long enough, and you will become completely mesmerized! What makes Armenta rings different It’s easy to see that Armenta jewelry is not part of the mainstream, when it comes to the luxury jewelry industry. This particular Read more

Armenta Jewelry: Artfully Dark and Meaningful

Armenta jewelry caters to a taste that is dark and mysterious. These edgy pieces are influenced by history and literature, combining old world and new world elements. Both men and women gravitate towards the luxurious Armenta jewelry brand. How Armenta jewelry came together Armenta jewelry is a luxury brand that was founded by a woman Read more