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Bernie Robbins Engagement Rings

Bernie Robbins Engagement Rings: Our Private Label

You will find top engagement ring designer lines on display at Bernie Robbins jewelry stores. As an independent jeweler, Bernie Robbins owns every piece in their inventory. That means they set their own prices for everything in the stores, which gives them flexibility in every area and allow them to set lower prices on very high quality jewelry. In addition to well-known luxury jewelry designer brands, Bernie Robbins boasts its very own private label of Bernie Robbins engagement rings.

Here are some things to remember about Bernie Robbins engagement rings:

  • All Bernie Robbins private label engagement rings are designed using diamonds and gemstones bought exclusively from one of the 80 De Beers site holders in the world.
  • Every diamond is hand selected by an extremely picky and very knowledgeable team of diamond experts, based out of the flagship store in Somers Point, New Jersey.
  • Rest assured that Bernie Robbins engagement rings strictly use ethically sourced diamonds, certified according to the Kimberley Process to be 100% conflict-free.

The Company behind Bernie Robbins Engagement Rings

Bernie Robbins has received numerous awards for its place in the luxury jewelry industry. For over half a century, this family business has been making a difference through each of their four locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The company considers it a privilege to give back by sponsoring fundraisers and contributing to foundations that support the local communities.

Bernie Robbins Jewelers is a member of the prestigious American Gem Society, founded in 1934. As a member of this prestigious organization, Bernie Robbins is held to a high code of ethics. The employees are trained and required to act on behalf of the customer always, to protect them from misinformation and educate them on the details related to luxury jewelry.

Bernie Robbins Jewelers has been accepted by the Responsible Jewellery Council. RJC members are committed to an international code of responsible business practices for precious metals and gemstones that includes human and labor rights, environmental impact, mining practices and disclosures that span the chain of supply and custody certification.

Bernie Robbins Engagement Rings: Shopping Experience

Stop by one of Bernie Robbins Jewelry stores and you will receive a gracious welcome and genuine embrace that is rare in today’s retail environment. Enjoy a cup of cappuccino at the Jewel Box coffee bar and snack on some few jellybeans while you look around.

Who brings children to a jewelry store? You can! Your kids will have their own comfortable area to hang out and play games while you shop. The store is family-friendly and the employees are used to children or have kids of their own, so you will feel right at home.

On site at each location are jewelers with the expertise to assist in your engagement ring purchase, address special requests and prepare custom orders. They will also educate you in the care of your diamond engagement ring and arrange to have it insured- just in case.

The jewelers at Bernie Robbins know the importance of making this big purchase. They will go to great lengths, making sure that it’s a special moment for you, and ultimately for the one you love.

Discover Bernie Robbins Engagement Rings

14k White Gold Engagement Ring

The band features 14 diamonds set with shared prongs. Traditional round cut center diamond.

14k White Gold Engagement Ring with Split High Shoulder

Beautiful round cut center diamond with halo and prong set diamonds on band.

18k White Gold Pear Cut Diamond Ring

Split shoulder, pear shaped diamond halo.


Cushion Cut Natural Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow diamond set in 18k yellow gold. 18k white gold pave diamond halo with white diamonds.

18k White Gold 3 Stone Ring with Ruby

Oval ruby Center with round brilliant cut diamonds set on both sides.



18k White Gold Heart Shaped Sapphire & Diamond Ring

This unique Bernie Robbins engagement ring places a heart shaped sapphire at the center with a pronged diamond frame.


Caring for Bernie Robbins Engagement Rings

Bernie Robbins Jewelry thoughtfully extends a free lifetime service for their customers, following the purchase of an engagement ring. Take your ring in at any time and Bernie Robbins Jewelers will tighten the prongs, check the setting, and polish the stones. They can also repair mountings and re-tip the prongs, and resize your ring if it’s too large or too tight.

Aside from checking your ring for any needed repairs and making adjustments at any time, you also can drop in and have your ring cleaned free of charge. Bernie Robbins engagement rings are meant to last a lifetime, so naturally they are committed to helping you keep your ring sparkling clean and fitting comfortably. When you a buy a ring, you’re not only purchasing an important symbol of your love- you’re also investing in a relationship with Bernie Robbins as your preferred jeweler.

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  1. Bernie Robbins stores are the best. Such great customer service. They always help me find exactly what I’m looking for. If you’re looking for an engagement ring definetly go look and talk to Bernie Robbins.

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