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Bernie’s Bash on the Bay

Bernie’s Bash on the Bay

A few weeks ago in June, we honored Bernie Robbins with a Luxurious Bayside Party called Bernie’s Bash on the Bay.

We hosted Bernie’s Bash on the Bay on a beautiful summer night. The Bernie Robbins family is spread across four locations, so this was our way to bring everyone together. Our employees joined with our marketing teams, and we invited some of longtime customers to attend our party at a luxurious Bayfront estate- just to kick off the summer and enjoy each other’s company!

If you attended, you may recall seeing a black drone circling in the sky to get video coverage of Bernie’s Bash on the Bay. There were cameras flashing and recording the night. While our party was a sight to behold at ground level, it’s fun to see from an angle high above the bay. Have a look at this video of our midsummer party, and you might even catch a glimpse of yourself.

Bernie Robbins’ owners Harvey and Madalyn had a wonderful time chatting with their friends and favorite customers. Introductions were made, relationships were built, and fine jewelry was certainly admired.

Bernie's Bash on the Bay - Bernie Robbins

Bernie Robbins Jewelery and Fashion Models

Everyone was dressed to the nines. Even the men were decked out for Bernie’s Bash on the Bay, with Rolex watches and classy cufflinks shimmering under the outside lights.

Models walked around holding signs that described their featured looks. Sparkling necklaces and intricate earrings were paired with fashionable outfits- most of which had a decidedly nautical styling, including an ensemble selected for a woman going out on a yacht.

The front entrance was lined with a red carpet and photo ops for Philadelphia Style. A band of mummers played upbeat jazzy tunes and servers walked around with trays of hors d’oeuvres and sangria spritzers. Fancy sports cars were displayed on the richly green lawn, and a wine bar was set on the patio surrounded by blooming trees.

The ambiance at Bernie’s Bash on the Bay

Inside the house, a man in a suit was giving tours of the grand estate, which was recently put up for sale. The first floor living room was converted into a party space for socializing, but it quickly filled up with friends and fans of the Bernie Robbins family. In the open layout kitchen, a multi-level island was covered with platters of appetizers, pastries and fruits.

From there, a pair of doors opened up to a back patio. Glamorous guests spilled out onto the pool deck, which has an amazing view of the sunset over the water. Boats zipped back and forth across the horizon. White, inflated spheres bounced freely along the surface of the pool. Guests sashayed around the deck, stopping to occasionally pose at the photo booth and sample snacks from the trays passing by.

The ambiance was very relaxing, and a DJ kept everyone dancing and socializing in the fresh air for hours on end. Husbands and wives, mothers and sons, managers and coworkers – an eclectic group of guests mingled and mused at our elegant soiree.

We hope you had as much fun as we did!

We hope you enjoyed your time with us that evening. Please give us the pleasure of your company again and stop by for a visit soon!

Bernie's Bash on the Bay - Bernie Robbins

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