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Casato Jewelry for a Seductive Look

Smoky eyes and a slinky dress will perfectly pair Casato jewelry for a smoldering hot look. You will see the allure of the Casato models and the styling of these pieces. Strong and seductive is the vibe of each collection, so get ready to slay with a super sexy look!

Casato JewelryThe Story of Casato Jewelry

Founded in Rome in 2004, the Casato Company promotes luxury jewelry personalized in the feminine beauty of today’s modern woman. Federico Gauttieri, founder and artistic director of Casato jewelry, stepped away from law school to pursue something different. He partnered with a friend and began working with gemstones. Luxury jewelry design became a passion of his over twenty years ago, and he continues to work in this medium today.

The Casato Mission

Casato jewelry is designed with women in mind. Federico says the mission of Casato is to make women feel beautiful through the transference of art into jewelry. His inspiration is women’s sensuality, an elusive quality, which he strives to capture with a touch of Renaissance influence and Baroque styling.

What’s in a Name

The name of the highly successful company, Casato means “noble family” in Italian. Federico Gauttieri’s own noble family has been traced back 1,000 years. Rather than name the company after himself, he chose a name descriptive of his family. Anticipating the evolution of a global business, he thought it best to have an easily pronounced company name.

Global Success

As an avid world traveler, Federico Gauttieri immerses himself in the culture with the object of feeling at home wherever he is. While back in Rome, he never tires of walking the old streets, absorbing the familiar architecture, statues, and favorite landmarks. Heavily inspired by his travels, new designs for Casato jewelry emerge. Says Gauttieri, “my hand is behind every piece.” Casato is established in Italy, Russia, and the United States. The Casato website is interpreted into three languages, serving clients in around the world.

From the Rio Collection, this innovative three-finger ring features mint green prasiolite and diamonds set in rose gold. 

Casato sets Jewelry Trends

Innovative, forward thinking, and trendsetting are all descriptive of Casato jewelry. The attention to detail and originality conveys the designer’s passion for elegance and glamour. Many pieces of Casato jewelry are made of 18ct gold, diamonds, and precious stones. These materials are selected for quality of the color and the clarity.

One important difference that sets Federico Gauttier’s work apart is his passion for working with semi-precious stones. He brings knowledge of their workability and facets. He has such a deep understanding of the value and features of different types of gemstones and the best way to incorporate them into wearable pieces of luxury jewelry.

From the Tai Mee collection, this colorful pair of yellow gold, diamond pavé and ruby root earrings is an example of beautiful designs incorporating semi-precious stones.

This stunning 18k rose gold hourglass shape cuff featuring scattered prong set diamonds is a very unique and whimsical piece. The glamorous open design features a safety chain and Casato’s signature dragonfly charm.

Casato Jewelry

The Dragonfly symbol

The dragonfly is a recurring symbol in his collections. In Gauttieri’s view, the dragonfly represents a woman’s positive change and self-realization. Poet Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote in his 1842 poem, The Two Voices, of the dragonfly feeling “an inner impulse to rent the veil of his old husk from head to tail and came out clear plates of sapphire mail.”

Famous Females Wear Casato Jewelry

Even the royals in England are catching onto Casato jewelry. The beautiful Kate Middleton wears Casato earrings in 18kt rose gold, blue topaz and diamonds.

Madonna is a loyal fan of Casato jewelry. She flaunted a double-finger ring in 18kt rose gold and white diamonds designed by Casato.

Madonna was also photographed wearing two handfuls of Casato 18k gold and diamond rings on both hands.

Kylie Minogue wears Casato ruby and diamond earrings in 18kt rose gold for Tatler Russia. Rubies and diamonds are made for each other and the combination is pure glamour.

Golden Globe winner Joanne Froggatt wears Casato earrings featuring rubies and diamonds from the collection Dragon Eye. Actress Gabrielle Union recently wore a Casato necklace at the People’s Choice Awards.

Flaunt your Female Power with Casato

There are many luxury Casato Jewelry collections including these memorable names: Hold Me Tight, Miss Chi, Midnight in Paris, Aphrodite, Adam & Eve, and Dragoneye. Each collection down to every piece is individually intended to celebrate the diversity of female power and the style of the modern woman.

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