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Hearts on Fire Rings

Hearts On Fire Rings Hearts On Fire Rings are so eye-catching! Besides their unusually bright shine, the designs playfully use some very interesting shapes and lines that we don’t often see in luxury jewelry. A special collection of Hearts On Fire diamonds are chosen and set into flawless, beautiful rings. While Hearts On Fire engagement Read more

Cartier Diamonds: Better than a Best Friend

You’ve heard the claim that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Marilyn Monroe sang it back in the fifties, and the line has been repeated many times since. Could it be true? Let’s take a look at some Cartier Diamonds. Cartier Diamonds Of course, we can’t REALLY compare a human being to a precious gemstone, Read more

8 Interesting Pieces of Jewelry News

Luxury Jewelry is interesting and beautiful. We buy pieces that we like, but our money goes much further to kindle the fire of creativity and support brand-powered causes. Designers are doing amazing things around the world. Keep reading to see who’s making headlines in jewelry news! 8 Newsworthy Items from the Luxury Jewelry Industry 1. Rolex Read more

Update your Armoire with Luxury French Jewelry

Luxury French Jewelry complements a woman far more than other accessories can. Learn the brands and terms that you should know when you’re looking for some new sparkle! A woman’s jewelry demonstrates in unspoken terms far more than she can actually say about herself with her own words. It tells of her mood, her taste, Read more

Five Jewelry Looks Inspired by Game of Thrones

Although heavily inspired by the Middle Ages in Europe, the costumes of HBO’s phenomenon of a show Game of Thrones also grabs design reference points from Asia, Africa and more. Beyond all of these cues, the costumes excel above sheer historical relevance into a realm of creative opulence and fantasy. A complete and immersive world Read more

Designer Jewelry Brands

Bernie Robbins Collection Bernie Robbins Collection is an eclectic mix of fine jewelry from designer jewelry brands, carefully selected by our tastemakers. As experts in diamonds and precious metals, we curate this collection with our customers in mind. Our buyers travel often, internationally sourcing treasures worthy of our fine jewelry collection. This menagerie of beautifully Read more