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Five Jewelry Looks Inspired by Game of Thrones

Although heavily inspired by the Middle Ages in Europe, the costumes of HBO’s phenomenon of a show Game of Thrones also grabs design reference points from Asia, Africa and more. Beyond all of these cues, the costumes excel above sheer historical relevance into a realm of creative opulence and fantasy. A complete and immersive world all-its-own is forged by it.

As fully enamored as I am with this fantastical garb, much to my disappointment, it’s not socially acceptable to come into the office wearing velvet gowns, wildling furs, or a Khaleesi-esque leather get-up. It is perfectly acceptable, however, for me to check out BR’s grand spread of jewelry, pull out some great pieces and let a Game of Thrones style geek-out moment commence.

What would the ladies of the GOT gang choose if they stopped by a Westerosi Bernie Robbins store on their way down south….which is where everyone should be running on that show…like right now, winter is coming!

Cersei of House Lannister

Often seen dripping in gold and jewels, this Lannister lady strives to stay in power. No matter what she goes through, I don’t see Cersei ever shying away from shining in gold. Gold pretty much goes hand-in-hand with being a member of this family after all. The pieces shown here by Armenta feature 18k yellow gold.

Jewelry style worn by Cersei from Game of Thrones

Items pictured:
18k yellow gold & black rhodium star cross enhancer pendant with diamond, Armenta ($2,590) – 18k yellow gold & black rhodium scalloped marquis 36” chain necklace, Armenta ($2,680) – 18k yellow gold scroll 24” chain necklace, Armenta ($3,645) – 18k yellow gold & black rhodium diamond ring stack (misc. rings featured from “Old World” collection), Armenta (prices vary).

Daenerys of House Targaryen

What better way to unleash the dragon then by, well, wearing a dragon? Decked with wonderful, exotic sterling silver John Hardy pieces she’d be ready to take back the iron throne in style…which I really hope she does one day.

Jewelry style worn by from Game of Thrones

Items pictured:
Sterling silver Dot collection multi-strand y-necklace with fresh water pearls, John Hardy ($1,495) – Sterling silver Naga dragon cuff with ruby eye & fresh water pearl, John Hardy ($995) – Sterling silver Dot collection ring with fresh water pearl & diamonds, John Hardy ($1,295) – Sterling silver Kali collection bangle bracelet, John Hardy($750)

The Lady Melisandre

There’s no doubt that this “warrior of light” priestess would incorporate some sultry red jewels into her look. She can always be seen decked out in red from head-to-toe, with long red hair and, for book readers, a pair of red eyes.

Jewelry style worn by from Game of Thrones

Items pictured:
14k yellow gold necklace with black spinel, Dabakarov ($650) – 18k yellow gold Charmed Half Moon Pendant with diamond, Hearts On Fire ($995) – 18k yellow gold & ruby stud earrings, Ippolita($995) – 24k yellow gold Rain collection necklace with ruby beads, Gurhan ($2,500)

Margaery of House Tyrell

With the house moto, “growing strong”, and a golden rose for a sigil, there’s no shortage of floral designs featured in the costumes worn by this lovely lady. So, a floral inspired suite of jewelry is the natural choice for social climber Margaery Tyrell. This look features three 18k rose gold pieces from the stunning brand Hearts On Fire.

Jewelry style worn by from Game of Thrones

Items pictured:
Aerial Diamond Collar necklace in 18k rose gold trend with over 30 ct. diamonds, Hearts On Fire – Atlantico Single Diamond Studs in 18k rose gold with diamonds, history of rose gold, Hearts On Fire ($2,975) Aerial stackable band/wedding ring in 18k rose gold color with diamond, Hearts On Fire ($1,490) – Rose gold vs gold.

Sansa of House Stark

I think pretty much everyone’s breath was taken away when a new player entered The Game in season four. Sansa’s ominous, feathered ensemble symbolized her new turn to the side of Petyr Baelish. Is she only a pawn in his very own game? These three stunning pieces capture the essence of this dark, dramatic look.

Jewelry style worn by from Game of Thrones

Items pictured:
18k white gold Lorelei fringe ear cuff earrings with diamonds, 3.05 ct., Hearts On Fire – 14k white gold 6-row crossover ring with black & white diamonds, 2.15 ct. total diamond weight, Dabakarov($2,790) – 18k white gold with black rhodium 25″ necklace, with marquis stations, 1.34 ct. diamonds, Sutra Jewels ($5,500)

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