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Traditional Anniversary Gifts

This is the ultimate anniversary gift list for your spouse.

Unlike most lists, we have included practical gift ideas for each year. Enjoy!

Expert edding Planning Tips

1st Wedding Anniversary:


On a budget? Write a love letter. Give romantic “coupons”. You might also try personalized stationary.


2nd Wedding Anniversary:


Clothing – tshirts, hoodies, pajamas. Maybe a bathrobe with a suprise in the pocket? How about a handmade quilt?


3rd Wedding Anniversary:


A journal with a leather cover, a leather braded bracelet, leather jacket, boots, how about luggage with tickets for a vacation?


4th Wedding Anniversary:

Fruit & Flowers

Chocolate covered strawberries, bouquet of flowers, a fruit basket delivered via a romantic picnic. If your anniversary is in the winter, buy plane tickets somewhere tropical to enjoy fresh island fruit and flowers.


5th Wedding Anniversary:


Anything made out of wood will do. Tools for your handyman. How about a camping trip in the woods?


6th Wedding Anniversary:


Go crazy with assorted chocolates … replace one of the chocolates with an extra special suprise! For our creative folks, spell out a romantic message in gummy candy.


7th Wedding Anniversary:


Sweaters are perfect for this one. If they knit, give a basket full of yarns. A wool blanket with a custom monogram is a unique idea.


8th Wedding Anniversary:


Deliver a beautiful flowering plant in the pot and hide a card in the foliage. A ceramic sculpture (a gnome) for the garden?


9th Wedding Anniversary:

Willow / Wicker

Pack a picnic basket and suprise them with lunch or dinner in the park. Buy them a custom made basket filled with their favorite goodies or items for a hobby. Wicker furniture for the yard or patio. Avoid giving the mrs. a wicker laundry basket … this could lead to trouble.


10th Wedding Anniversary:


Popcorn or candy in collectable tin containers will work for this. Bake something delicious and wrap it in foil.


Years 11-20 are coming soon.

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