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Types of Gold and How to Pair Them

 Remember the two-tone and tricolor gold jewelry trend that warmed up in 2014? Well, it’s making an even greater comeback as top designers have set the tone. Discover different types of gold and learn to pair them up for this high fashion look!

Types of gold used for fine jewelry

There are many elements to gold jewelry and you should know what you’re getting into. Colors to karats, understand the basics before you settle on your favorite types of gold!

Types of gold in different colors

What are your favorite types of colors for gold? Thankfully, you have more options than just yellow! While gold is a rich yellow hue in its natural state, gold can be blended into different colors. You may be surprised to find these types of colors in fine gold jewelry: yellow, rose, red, pink, gray, green, blue, and purple.

As you know, fine gold jewelry comes in different grades of purity. The term used to measure the purity of gold is called a karat. The more karats, the purer the gold is. Fine jewelry is engraved with the number of karats, which is usually marked by a number next to the letter “K”.

The finer types of gold jewelry come in 22K, which is 91.6% pure. You can also find less expensive grades of gold. The majority of gold jewelry is 18K (75% pure) and 14K (58.3% pure) because it’s more affordable and resistant to wear and tear.

The purest form of gold available is 24K, which is 99.95% pure gold. 24K gold is very rarely used in jewelry because of its softness and fragility. Still, some people desire the highest quality gold, especially for important pieces such as engagement rings, wedding rings and honorary timepieces.

One jewelry designer is credited with making 24K gold jewelry attainable and durable. This designer is a man named Gurhan, and he led the way to making jewelry using the purest types of gold. Stemming from ancient goldsmith traditions, Gurhan’s process hardens and treats 24k pure gold to be made strong enough for jewelry making.

Types of Gold and How To Pair Them


Naturally, the purest type of gold available is yellow in color. The other colors are only available in 18K or 20K, because they are mixed to achieve their colors.

You may be wondering, if the purest gold available is only 99.95% pure gold, what is the other 5%? That is a very common question, and the answer is simple. In jewelry making, every type of gold is blended with other metals, called alloys.

Alloy metals are blended with pure gold for three reasons:

  • Alloy metals are mixed with gold to make it hard enough to form into jewelry.
  • Alloy metals are mixed with pure yellow gold to achieve a variety of colors.
  • To reduce the cost and the weight of the gold, alloys metals are blended in.

If your skin reacts to nickel, be careful with white gold, because some types of white gold are alloyed with palladium, nickel and zinc. Copper is blended with pure yellow gold to achieve a red color.

Rose gold, pink gold and medium green types of gold require a copper and silver alloy. Metals like cadmium and aluminum are alloys used to make dark green, light green and purple types of gold jewelry.

Types of Gold and How To Pair Them

How to combine different types of gold for an updated look

The mixed metals trend combines different types of gold

Fine jewelry designers began experimenting with two-tone gold pieces and tricolor jewelry in 2014. The trend is back in full force.

Top jewelry designers have launched collections featuring many types of gold pieces that are two-tone or tricolor. The most common color combination is yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Worn together, these three contrasting types of gold are striking

Another way to jump on the mixed metals trend is by “stacking” many gold pieces. You can stack different types of gold bracelets to achieve the mixed metals effect. Different types of gold rings can be combined in the same way. You can layer on a few necklace chains to blend the different types of gold colors. You’ll even find mixed metal sets and coordinate groups sold in stores, in light of this rich trend

Blend different types of gold for added versatility

Combining a few types of gold actually gives freedom and versatility to your ensemble. With the mixed metals look, you can pair practically any combination of gold pieces. You may wear a necklace that is rose gold and white gold, and complete your look with rose gold earrings and a white gold bracelet. It’s easy- have some fun with it!

Types of Gold and How To Pair Them

Spice up your look by combining two or three types of gold

We are breaking the old rule that says your gold earrings should match your bracelets and necklace. The best way to update your look is by combining colors!

This multicolor type of gold accessorizing is everywhere these days. You’ll see it on the runway, on celebrities, and on fashion savvy men and women. Even teenagers can tap into this trend at costume jewelry stores. Check Pinterest to see examples of how to wear several types of gold together, and how to pick clothing that will compliment different types of gold colors.

Don’t wear your jewelry like a grandma anymore…Spice it up! Mix a few colorful types of gold to give your look an edge this season!

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