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Cocktail Rings: Make Any Day Feel Special

Certain occasions require an extra helping of glitz and glamor. Whether you’re celebrating at a party or going somewhere fancy, cocktail rings will jazz up your look. Throw on a gown and a coordinating cocktail ring for the evening- or wear one any old day just to feel extra special! Events worthy of fancy cocktail Read more

Luxury Gold Rings are meant to be Treasured

Whether they are held in arcade prize machines, or stored in a jewelry box for dress up time, a fascination with rings starts at a young age. Not surprisingly, as grownups, we gravitate toward the luxury gold rings counter. Here is a guide to buying luxury rings that you will treasure always. Luxury Gold Rings Read more

Rarest of them all: Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Only 1 out of 10,000 natural diamonds is genuinely yellow. Find out what makes these unusual gems special, and discover a beautifully rare yellow diamond engagement ring. Yellow Diamonds in Nature Natural yellow diamonds come in a wide variety of colors and shades, making these rare gemstones all the more special and unique. Unlike clear Read more

ArtCarved Jewelry- In Honor of You

ArtCarved jewelry is synonymous with life’s accomplishments. Each piece of ArtCarved jewelry is specially designed to celebrate the various significant moments of your unique journey. History of ArtCarved jewelry ArtCarved jewelry has a rich history in the jewelry industry. Established in 1850 by J. R. Wood and his sons, their first engagement ring creation grabbed Read more

5 Gold Rings

It’s common to see people wearing gold rings, whether or not they are married. Rings go beyond most fashion accessories to symbolize things like relationship status and academic achievements, or wealth and style. What types of gold rings deserve a spot on YOUR finger? What Gold Rings Represent Rings are quite versatile in the sense Read more

Cool Rings: John Hardy for the Guys

Interesting rings on man hands make for an undeniably cool look, and you don’t have to be fancy to pull it off. Discover these designer rings John Hardy for the guys! Rings to fit any man’s style Looking for a worthy gift to give to that special man in your life? Or, maybe it’s your son or your Read more

Armenta Rings that will Charm You

Armenta rings stand out from the rest. These dark and charming pieces are anything but typical. Look at them long enough, and you will become completely mesmerized! What makes Armenta rings different It’s easy to see that Armenta jewelry is not part of the mainstream, when it comes to the luxury jewelry industry. This particular Read more

Gurhan Rings

Accentuate your hands with the rich colors and bold details of luxurious Gurhan rings. Stack several thin ones together or wear a statement piece by itself, and give your fresh manicure some friendly competition! Gurhan Rings for Tastemakers of Fine Jewelry Gurhan raised the bar even higher than it already was for luxury jewelry. When Read more

Summer Jewelry Trends 2016: Five Classic Jewelry Looks Inspired By Summer Activities

I’m a list writer, through and through, and I think every pen-wielding organization guru loves a good ol’ bucket list. Making the list is one thing, but actually following through with what’s on it, is something else entirely! Well this time I’m bound and determined to cross these puppies off one at a time, and Read more

John Hardy Jewelry is a Sustainable Luxury

John Hardy jewelry is as beautiful on the inside as it looks on the out! While each piece is created to bring joy and inspiration, the heart of the company is hinged on providing sustainable luxury.About John Hardy John Hardy is an international diamond jewelry brand that was founded in 1975. Inspired by unique Asian designs, Read more