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Bernie Robbins Engagement Rings

Bernie Robbins Engagement Rings: Our Private Label You will find top engagement ring designer lines on display at Bernie Robbins jewelry stores. As an independent jeweler, Bernie Robbins owns every piece in their inventory. That means they set their own prices for everything in the stores, which gives them flexibility in every area and allow Read more

Bernie Robbins & Hearts on Fire

50 Years In The Business When it comes to the jewelry industry, there is much to do about stones & precious metals. What goes unseen is, jewelry is as much about long-lasting relationships, oftentimes those spanning generations, as it is about the various metals and stones. This fundamental fact about jewelry culture is deeply rooted within Read more

BR Luxury Diamonds

Bernie Now & Then: Still the Same Some would be surprised to hear; Bernie Robbins didn’t start out as a jewelry store.  There were days when a customer would be more likely to come to us for  a refrigerator than they would for beautiful diamonds.  However, two things have remained the same from that very Read more

Bernie’s Bash on the Bay

Bernie’s Bash on the Bay A few weeks ago in June, we honored Bernie Robbins with a Luxurious Bayside Party called Bernie’s Bash on the Bay. We hosted Bernie’s Bash on the Bay on a beautiful summer night. The Bernie Robbins family is spread across four locations, so this was our way to bring everyone together. Our Read more