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Station Necklaces bring Balance to your Look

Do you know what station necklaces are? Shapes and colors vary, but consistent patterns on metal chains make station necklaces easy to spot. Do not overlook this simple and classic luxury jewelry trend. Station necklaces bring balance to your look, effortlessly!

Station NecklacesWhat are Station Necklaces?

Station necklaces are simple, metal chain necklaces. They’re embellished with gemstones, shaped pieces of metal, or other objects placed at specific points on the chain. There are many variations of this classic style, but all station necklaces have a pattern of evenly placed gemstones or metal charms, to break up the plainness of the chain.

History of Station Necklaces

The first station necklace dates back to 1974. Referred to as “Diamonds by the Yard,” this style was designed for Tiffany & Co by the talented Elsa Peretti. Elsa’s masterpiece featured a chic casual chain with bezel set diamond stations. This classic piece was well received at that time.

After fading a bit, station necklaces regained their popularity in 1996 with the introduction of the “Tin Cup” necklace, named for the movie it was featured in. Actress Rene Russo wore a pearl station necklace in this romantic comedy, making it famous instantly. The Tin Cup necklace brought a new twist to station necklaces, trading diamonds for ravishing pearls and trading metal for knotted silk cord. This sophisticated creation started a trend that lasted for years before the frenzy died down again.

In 2008, station necklaces reemerged as a fashion must-have, and they are still in style today.

Station Necklaces for Every Occasion

Since their introduction, station necklaces have evolved and there is a wide assortment available. There are station necklaces to suit every woman’s taste and for any occasion.

Here are station necklaces for 3 different types of events:

1. Formal Event

Whether it’s a wedding, company party, fancy dinner, banquet, opera, or charity event, you can’t go wrong with station necklaces. These styles will bring balance to your look and effortlessly compliment your little black dress, fancy top with pencil skirt, pants suit, or flowing gown.

Double Sided Apogee Necklace by Phillip House

Station Necklaces

This simple yet sophisticated piece is from the Apogee Collection. Crafted from 18K yellow gold, it features the signature hammered gold and pave diamonds with sharp refined edges.


Triangle Station Necklace by Bernie Robbins

Station Necklaces

This classy piece by Bernie Robbins is designed from 14k white gold. It features 5 triangular diamond stations. This masterpiece is versatile and will pair perfectly with any formal outfit.

Garden Flower Necklace by Hearts on Fire

Station Necklaces

Beautiful beyond description, this Hearts On Fire piece is both feminine and fashionable. Crafted from 18k white gold, this delicate piece features five Hearts On Fire diamond flowers.

2. Day at the Office

With a simple blazer, skirt suit, or office-friendly dress, these station necklaces are work appropriate. Pair your outfits to your station necklace and you will look put together and fully prepared to face the day of work with confidence.

Milky Quarts and Carnelian Flower by Pasquale Bruni

Station Necklaces

Pasquale Bruni’s 18k Rose Gold Bon Ton necklace features large milky quartz and carnelian flower shaped gemstone stations. This beauty will pull together the simplest outfit with an added element of fun.

Brushed Ovals and Lapis Stations by Marco Bicego

Station Necklaces

Crafted from 18k yellow gold, this trendy piece will go with just about any color. It features brushed oval stations and three oval lapis gemstones. It is part of the Lunaria Collection.

Sterling Silver and 24k Gold Lapis Necklace by Gurhan

Station Necklaces

From the Elements Collection, this Gurhan masterpiece is fashioned from sterling silver and 24k yellow gold. It features 9 bezel set stations of faceted oval shape lapis lazuli.

3. Girl’s Night Out

Get a carefree look when it’s time to let your hair down and meet up with friends. A not so serious station necklace will go perfectly with your deep V-neck top, little black dress, or crop top and printed pants. Get ready to have fun late into the night!

All Around Storm Necklace by Gurhan

Station Necklaces

This 19-inch adjustable lobster clasp necklace is crafted from sterling silver. It features stations of aquamarine, labradorite, rainbow moonstone, faceted and cabochon stones with lentils.

59-Inch White Gold Chain by Bernie Robbins

Station Necklaces

Designed from 18k white gold, this 59″ chain necklace gives you the freedom to wear it long or wrap it multiple times. It features alternating stations of baguette and round diamonds.

Sterling Silver and 24k Gold Necklace with Round Stations by Gurhan

Station Necklaces

This exquisite piece is designed with sterling silver and 24k yellow gold. It features round stations and diamonds in an unexpected and youthful layout. Sure to impress your friends!

Station necklaces are a fashion hit today

Station necklaces certainly have a place in today’s world of fashion. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event, going to work, or ready to party with your friends, your look will be balanced with the right station necklace. Give your outfit some interest and show off your fashion sense!

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