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Armenta Bracelets: Old World in a New Age

Do you consider yourself to be a deep thinker, an intellectual type, and a lover of history? You will appreciate the depth and details of Armenta bracelets. Each design borrows elements from an old story and modernizes the story as a compelling work of art.

Armenta BraceletsArmenta Bracelets are a thing of the past… and present

Are you in on the trend towards dark and cool luxury jewelry like Armenta? Inspired by the importance of past historical events matched with the creativity that lies deep within, and stimulated by the Spanish style, Armenta bracelets are works of imaginative art.

Think of Old World Spanish ladies in brocade gowns with gleaming locks of raven black hair, experiencing romance and intrigue. Think Spanish love ballads and mariachi bands. Think soaring cathedrals spires and ornate, mosaic floors. Think gold-laden ships winging under snowy white sails, off to distant Caribbean or Indian ports. Think adventure, boldness, daring, audacity, and beauty. Now you’re thinking Armenta.

The Old World Collection captures the spirit of the romantic night. If you could seize the moonlight on the night of your deepest passions, and put it into a piece of jewelry, how fascinating do you think it would look? If anybody can be credited with doing something like this, then Armenta has achieved it. Mystery, intrigue, and infatuation come together in stunning bracelets designed of finest gold and shimmering diamonds.

Most intriguing styles of the Armenta Bracelets

Armenta Bracelets

The Tahitian Pearls and Carved Bead Bracelet is made of faceted carved beads, South Seas pearls, champagne diamonds, and 18k yellow gold. This is one of the Armenta bracelets that brings the wearer an enchanting story. Sail with Spanish galleons to the far distant seas where palm trees wave in the ocean winds. Adorn yourself with a bracelet as a fine memorial of your own vacations.

Armenta Bracelets

The Gold Bangle Bracelet features 18k yellow gold to achieve that mysterious nocturnal feel, adorned with bold black diamonds inlaid in gleaming black oxidized silver. Imagine the perfect jewelry for a stormy night. Wear the passion and strength of nature. Be yourself with fervor and excitement in this brilliant Armenta bracelet.

Armenta Bracelets

The Mother of Pearl Oval Diamond Band is a blackened sterling silver with 18k yellow gold stations set with dark blue-green tourmaline, Mother of Pearl, tiny glistening white diamonds, and Rose of France. Visualize being a fine bride of a Spanish adventurer, who has brought back to you the finest gems of his prized collection. Feel treasured, loved, and utterly romantic, whenever you wear this intricate work of art.

Armenta Bracelets

The Pavé Round Chain Bracelet features night black chains holding a circle adorned with 18k yellow gold and almost a hundred tiny, sparkling white diamonds. Wear this when you are feeling the most independent, powerful, and expressive. This bracelet is not for the faint-hearted or the boring, staid girl; it is for the girl who wants everything that life has for her! This Armenta bracelet embraces the spirit of an adventurer and a lover of beauty.

There is nothing understated about Armenta bracelets

The Armenta Company states that each piece of art has been carefully thought out, worked on with unbridled creativity, and inspired by some the greatest artists of the past who have ever lived. Each of us has a message we want to express, and it is through art that our voices are heard. You can even find Armenta for the guys, or browse the  collections of rings, earrings, and necklaces.

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