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5 Gold Rings

It’s common to see people wearing gold rings, whether or not they are married. Rings go beyond most fashion accessories to symbolize things like relationship status and academic achievements, or wealth and style. What types of gold rings deserve a spot on YOUR finger?

Gold RingsWhat Gold Rings Represent

Rings are quite versatile in the sense that they can mean one thing for one person and a totally different thing for another. Rings have been used to represent different ideas. Let’s examine some of them.

▪ History- For the Romans, rings were set aside to be worn to funerals. For other nations, gold rings were only worn by the elite as a symbol of status or a badge of nobility.
▪ Wealth and Class- As used in history, rings are still used to represent class. There is a sense of power and prestige attached to wearing gold rings.
▪ Commitment- Rings are also used to represent commitment between two parties. They are given as wedding rings, engagement rings, and even promise rings.

Styles of Gold Rings

There is so much that can be done with gold rings, and styles are reinvented to make modern creations all the time. There are some timeless styles that are very popular today. Here’s a look at some of them.

Diamond pave gold rings

These rings are exquisite and are created to reflect a continuous sparkle throughout the ring. The diamonds used to pave the ring are extremely small, which gives the ring a neat finish.

Square Gold Rings

These rings are known for their captivating uniqueness. There are of two kinds of square gold rings. Some have square gemstones mounted on top of them. Others are square in shape, the way that the metal is molded.

▪ Wraparound gold rings

There are two styles of wraparound gold rings. The first type is the gold ring that has a band that seems to literally wrap around the wearer’s finger. The second type is the one that has the setting in which the claws of the ring literal wraps around the center stone to hold it in place.

Sculpted gold rings

These are the most unique of all gold rings since they can be crafted to resemble just about anything. From a flower, to an animal, to a human’s face, the possibilities are simply limitless when it comes to designing a sculpted gold ring.

▪ Mixed metal gold rings

Luxury jewelry makers have learned to mix metals to create brilliant contrasts in their designs. Rose gold, yellow gold and white gold are most often mixed together. However, platinum and yellow gold or silver and yellow gold also work well together.

▪ Rose gold rings

Often referred to as pink gold, rose gold rings are known for their soft and romantic look. Rose gold is preferred for its durability over white and yellow gold. It is also known for being able to blend beautifully with all skin tones.

5 Gold Rings – Our Favorite Picks

Now that we have concluded that gold rings are worth having, we hand selected 5 of the best gold rings available at Bernie Robbins. They have a wide variety of gold rings in various styles, price range and designs for you to choose from.

Here’s a look at some favorites.


Gold Rings

Lorelei Criss Cross Ring by Hearts on Fire
From the Lorelei collection, the unique Hearts on Fire creation is crafted from 18k yellow gold. It features a dramatic criss cross design with one strand of paved diamonds and the other hand of pure yellow gold with a glazed finish.

Gold Rings

Double Finger Ring by Bernie Robbins
In keeping with the trend, this extremely exquisite piece features a double finger design that is crafted from 18k yellow gold. It is also skillfully paved with dazzling diamonds.

Gold Rings

Ring with Diamonds by Roberto Coin
From the princess flower collection, this piece is simply beautiful. It is crafted to perfection with 18k yellow gold. It is a three coil design that features three flowers, one of which is decorated with four sparkling diamonds.

Gold Rings

Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl by Mikimoto

This stunning Mikimoto masterpiece is bursting with charm and grace. This classic piece is fashioned from 18k yellow gold. It features a luxurious cultured pearl surrounded by leaf like designs of white and yellow diamonds. This is certainly a must-have for the elegant and sophisticated woman.

Gold Rings

White and Yellow Gold Apogee Ring by Phillip House
Hammered to give it an exquisite natural and earthy disposition, this Phillip House master piece is skillfully crafted from 14k yellow and white gold. It features a row of seven kite shaped paved diamonds.

5 Gold Rings for Every Hand

There is no other piece of jewelry that speaks of your class and sophistication quite like gold rings can. They are used as a symbol of wealth, status, and luxury. Indulge your fingers with your favorite gold rings!

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