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Luxury Gold Rings are meant to be Treasured

Whether they are held in arcade prize machines, or stored in a jewelry box for dress up time, a fascination with rings starts at a young age. Not surprisingly, as grownups, we gravitate toward the luxury gold rings counter. Here is a guide to buying luxury rings that you will treasure always.

Luxury Gold RingsLuxury Gold Rings of every type

Engagement rings and wedding bands are in a category of their own, but there are many luxury rings for your other nine fingers. Whether you love white diamonds or prefer the colorful varieties, here are plenty of luxury rings to consider for any occasion and everyday wear.

Diamond Luxury Rings

Diamonds are a favorite gemstone in luxury rings. They are the definition of luxury. Diamonds are appropriate in everyday ring styles from delicate stackable bands to large cocktail rings. One of the best things about diamonds after their sparkle is their versatility. They coordinate with any style and pair with all metals and other gemstones.

Atlantico Pave Right Hand Ring by Hearts On Fire

Consider this right hand ring for evenings out. It looks great on a hand holding a champagne flute, a microphone, or a dessert spoon. Ready to compliment your fresh manicure!

Luxury Gold Rings

Hearts On Fire stackable band with a Teardrop

Stackable rings are popular today. Many stackable rings do not have gemstones, but this one is special. This Hearts On Fire stackable band has two diamonds totaling 15 carats, and is versatile enough to add sparkle to your stack or to wear alone.

Luxury Gold Rings

Casato 18k Rose Gold Scattered Diamond Ring

Ask your manicurist for longer nail tips before slipping this Casato
18k Rose Gold Scattered Diamond Ring on your finger. The 1.26 carats of diamonds in an hourglass design goes to the knuckle.


Luxury Gold Rings


Colorful Gemstone Luxury Rings

Other luxury gemstones are designed into beautiful rings. Often, a person’s first gemstone ring is their birthstone. Parents like to give birthstone rings to their young daughters because there is meaning for the parents and for the young woman. It may be the first piece of valuable jewelry a woman receives. Birthstones are a nice start, but you might fall in love with other gemstones too.

Colorful precious gemstones like green emeralds, blue sapphires, and red rubies are the favorites of millions of women around the world. These make for stunning luxury rings. Semi-precious gemstones in the hands of gifted designers can also result in beautiful rings and will fit a budget of any size. The important thing is to choose a top designer, so you know that your luxury ring is high quality and made to last.

Check out these beautifully hued, expertly crafted luxury rings:

Empire Ring from Ivanka Trump

Consider the Empire Ring from Ivanka Trump’s Collection. The gemstone is a 16.90 carat emerald cut green amethyst known as Prasiolite. The distinctive gemstone is almost transparent and a favorite of gem collectors. Prasiolite is plentiful and affordable.

Luxury Gold Rings

Armenta Blue Kyanite and Diamond Ring

This luxury Armenta Blue Kyanite and Diamond Ring from the Old World Collection has a story to tell. Blackened sterling silver is a backdrop with 18k yellow gold fleur-de-lis, white and black diamonds, black sapphires and a blue-green tourmaline set into one of the fleur-de-lis. The center gemstone is a green pear shaped. This ring deserves its own armoire!

Luxury Gold Rings

Oval Agate Ring by Bernie Robbins

From Bernie Robbins, this oval polished agate luxury rings is nearly 14 carats on an 18k satin finished yellow gold mounting. It’s a beauty.

Luxury Gold Rings

Cushion Cut Emerald Luxury Ring by Penny Preville

Penny Preville cushion cut emerald framed by paved diamonds set in 18K yellow gold.

Luxury Gold Rings

Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire by Bernie Robbins

Bernie Robbins pear shaped blue sapphire framed by diamonds and set in 18K white gold.

Luxury Gold RingsDiamond and Ruby Figure Eight style by Madison L

From Madison L, here is a stunning 18k white gold figure eight ring with diamonds and rubies.

Luxury Gold Rings

Pearl Luxury Rings

Pearl luxury rings are always appropriate if you want to look effortlessly classy and feminine. Some of the most exquisite rings you will ever see are the beautiful pearl luxury ring creations by Mikimoto and Honora.

Yellow Gold South Sea Pearl Ring Mikimoto

Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl and Yellow Diamond Ring is like Sunshine on your hand.

Luxury Gold Rings

White Gold and Diamond Swirl Pearl Ring

This interesting design features a Golden South Sea pearl with 1.95ct. of diamonds set in White Gold.

Luxury Gold Rings

Akoya Saltwater Pearl Ring by Mikimoto

This luxury ring features an Akoya saltwater cultured pearl and 0.16cts of white diamonds set in 18k white gold.

Luxury Gold Rings

Criss Cross Pearl Ring by Honora

Here’s a beautiful pearl luxury ring that is affordable on any budget! The base of this setting is made from sterling silver, and embellished with blackened silver, white gold beads, topped with a beautiful, freshwater cultured pearl.

Luxury Gold Rings

Precious Metals for Luxury Rings

The precious metal used to create gold luxury rings is a major factor in the overall value, appearance, and durability. Precious metals are valuable because they are beautiful, malleable, and rare.

Most luxury rings are made from a one of three precious metals, or sometimes a combination of metals. In the order of value, which is based on scarcity, the most popular precious metals are:

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Sterling Silver

Precious metals maintain their high luster and do not rust or corrode. Those qualities add value because the jewelry will last for generations.

Luxury jewelry designers add alloys to make precious metals malleable, durable, and also to add color. Yellow gold is turned to white or rose gold by adding measured amounts of alloys like nickel and copper. The metals are often mixed for a unique look as in this Gabriel & Co. white/pink gold engagement ring.

Luxury Gold Rings

Seven Favorite Luxury Rings

1. Bernie Robbins Couture Collection

This luxury ring showcases Indicolite, an indigo blue variety of Tourmaline, set into an impressive frame of white diamonds.

Luxury Gold Rings

2. Gurhan Amulet Hue Stacking Ring

This bold 24K gold luxury ring features multiple Australian opals with colors as deep as the ocean, and a pair of white diamonds.

Luxury Gold Rings

3. Armenta Double Wide Cravelli Band

Blackened sterling silver and 18k yellow gold wide double cravelli band ring with white diamonds.

Luxury Gold Rings

4. Opal Slice Ring with Rose Cut Diamonds by Sutra

This luxury ring is a modern work of art. The unexpected shape and design catches the eye. The colors resemble a satellite view of Earth. This style depicts two serpents in pave diamonds, coiled around a green and blue hued opal slice.

Luxury Gold Rings


5. Roberto Coin Princess Explore Collection

Gold satin finish with scattered fleur-de-lis diamonds. This is a basic style but absolutely flawless in the design and quality. It’s a versatile ring and will go with anything.

Luxury Gold Rings

6. Mikimoto Pearl Ring with Clustered Diamonds

This is a fancy ring that packs a whole lot of sparkle. Mikimoto’s stunning White South Sea Cultured Pearl ring with cascading white diamonds comes in 18k white gold.

Luxury Gold Rings

7. Pasquale Bruni

This ring challenges the norms when it comes to shape and dimensions for luxury rings. Pasquale Bruni’s fashion forward 18k rose gold elongated ring boasts an array of colors with amethyst, blue topaz, iolite, & rhodolite gemstones.

Luxury Gold Rings

Remember Key Moments with Luxury Rings

Luxury rings get load of attention since we do so much with our hands. Others will notice, but most importantly your rings will catch your own gaze throughout the day. As you move through life’s chapters like graduation, marriage, anniversaries, and other milestones, treat yourself to luxury rings to help remember the key moments. Your achievements deserve to be celebrated. Add luxury rings to your fingers- like a string tied around- to help you remember the best times!

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