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Lashbrook Engagement Rings for Him

Down to earth, durable, and different. That is what makes Lashbrook mens engagement rings and wedding bands the best choice for low maintenance grooms. These affordable rings even come in patterns to represent his favorite sport or hobby!

Lashbrook mens engagement ringsBusiness of Lashbrook Mens Engagement Rings

Smart and sensible innovation is found in Lashbrook engagement rings and wedding bands for men. Lashbrook is a young jewelry design and manufacturing company with streamlined business practices based on the concept of kaizen. Kaizen in Japanese business means constant improvement in all business functions. Talented leadership and a staff of 80 people have created a successful, forward thinking company that is environmentally sound and artistically brilliant.  

Options for Lashbrook Engagement Rings for Him

Each Lashbrook men’s engagement ring and wedding band is designed and manufactured in their own workshop in the state of Utah. However, any wedding band can be customized to suit the groom. Their designs use performance metals that are beautiful, durable and scratch resistant. Diamonds, hardwood and ceramic are also used in men’s Lashbrook engagement rings and wedding bands.

Here are the durable metals that Lashbrook rings are made from:

  • Mikume Gane: Japanese mixed metal laminate that simulates wood.
  • Meteorite: Varieties found worldwide; usually contains iron.
  • Black Zirconium: Lustrous grey white metal.
  • Carbon Fiber: Known for its strength.
  • Tungsten: A heavy stone material.
  • Chrome: Polishes to high shine. Tarnish Resistant.
  • Cobalt: Hard and lustrous metal from the Earth’s crust.
  • Damascus Steel: Tough steel with a distinctive mottled pattern.

Any of these materials may be replaced with the following precious metals:

  • Titanium
  • Gold: yellow, white, or rose
  • Sterling silver
  • Platinum

Textures, Patterns, Personality: Lashbrook Engagement Rings

Brides, you should put as much thought and effort into choosing your groom’s ring as he’s putting into yours. Make it personal and meaningful. Pick out a ring that he will be proud to wear. What kind of guy is he? Is he better off with a precious metal or durable metal? Does he want diamonds or another gemstone, or strictly metal on his ring?

Lashbrook mens rings are customizable, with fifteen different finishes. Combined with the many varieties of metals, stones and designs including a selection of camouflage, the customization opportunities are endless. Lashbrooks innovative designs are received the Jewelers Choice Award for the last three years and the Platinum Innovation Award for the last two years.

Titanium Domed Band with Mossy Oak Camo

Lashbrook mens engagement rings

If your future husband is a fan of the great outdoors and enjoys hiking or hunting, this mossy oak camouflage pattern is a great choice for him! The shiny grey titanium edges keep it classy enough to go with his suit.

Titanium Domed Band with Blue Anodized Stripes and Round Diamonds

Lashbrook Mens Engagement Rings

The diamonds are set flush but they will still flash as they catch the light. The anodized stripes will protect against wear. Blue anodized stripes just add character and a sporty look to this ring.

Cobalt Chrome Band with laser carved Escher pattern

Lashbrook Mens Engagement rings

This ring is strong. Cobalt Chrome is a performance metal that has a high strength to weight ratio. The inspiration for this pattern is the Dutch graphic artist Escher, who’s famous for his use of geometric, illusionary designs.

Titanium Band Carbon Fiber and Milgrained Inlay

Lashbrook mens engagement rings

Titanium is a metal that will last a lifetime. The milgrained inlay adds an antique touch to an otherwise very modern design. This ring is a safe choice for any man. You can’t go wrong with the neutral colors and versatile style.

14K Rose Gold 9mm Flat band with double grooved edges

Lashbrook mens engagement rings

This is one of Lashbrooks more fancy, formal mens rings. With meteorite inlay with a .10ct princess cut diamond bezel set, the bezel acts as a frame around the diamond and secures it in place.

Zirconium band with 14k rose gold and Shakudo Mokume

Lashbrook mens engagement rings

Shakudo Mokume is a Japanese mixed metal laminate process to give the illusion of wood grain. This is a very masculine ring that’s easy to wear and fitting for a man with an active lifestyle, who works hard with his hands.

Lashbrook Engagement Ring, Wedding Band, or Both?

There is no rule that says you can’t give your guy an engagement ring to celebrate the promise you have made to each other. You might choose a casual style appropriate for daily wear and a more sophisticated wedding band for the ceremony. However, if your groom is not the jewelry wearing type, then go with only a wedding ring and make it a comfortable one. Lashbrook rings build comfort into the design of their rings.

Bernie Robbins Jewelers has a fine selection of Lashbrook men’s rings to browse through. Customers appreciate the distinct personality of each design. Lashbrook provides rings that men are comfortable wearing.

Lashbrook Mens Engagement Ring

Choose a Ring That’s Worth Being Excited About

You know him the best. Give him a ring that will tell his story, and also reflect his style. Lashbrook engagement rings and wedding bands are durable and made for real men to wear every day.

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