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Luxury Necklaces, The Most Popular Designers

Bernie Robbins brings the best of the best from international luxury necklace designers. These luxury necklaces are the perfect pieces to celebrate life’s special occasions. Designer necklaces from all over the world are conveniently made available at our tri-state area stores.

Luxury NecklacesPopular Luxury Necklaces

Bernie Robbins is host to an elaborate collection of luxury necklace designers. Some of these are household names, famously known around the world. Other luxury designers are less known but equally worthy of attention for their stunning fine jewelry.

Penny Preville has been known in the jewelry industry for decades. She has won numerous awards for her designs, which are elegant and feminine. Many celebrities have worn her luxurious jewelry such as: Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and the fashion icon Jackie O!

Zoë Chicco has been in the jewelry business since 2000. Her unique jewelry is made using 14K gold with semi-precious gems and diamonds. Zoë Chicco’s jewelry has been seen on celebrities such as: Cameron Diaz, Miranda Kerr, and Giselle Bündchen. She has become a sought after luxury necklace designer.

Heather B. Moore started her career with stamping original quotes onto pieces of scrap metal. She eventually turned those small stamped signs into jewelry. Since her first creation, her simple unique wearable memories have become a phenomenon. She is known for her personalized luxury necklace designs.

Gurhan is known for his traditional work with pure gold. He is a well-known luxury necklace designer. He is so committed to working with pure gold in an old traditional way that he will only hire inexperienced apprentices so he can freshly train them in the art.

Luxury Necklace Designers from Jewelry Capitals


The famous Cartier is located in Paris, France. Cartier was founded in the 1840s. This designer name jewelry is known for its amazing artistry. A famous luxury necklace designer, Cartier has served royalty throughout history. Recent ad campaigns have reached out beyond the royals and celebrities to speak to the general population. Cartier has maintained an outstanding reputation in luxury jewelry for many generations.

Van Cleef & Arpels was founded back in 1896 in France. They are luxury designers known for their ability to maximize light exposure to draw attention to the precious gems in their settings. Their favorite trick is using a “hidden” setting, known as the Mystery setting.


Bvlgari, pronounced Buh-gar-ee, was made famous by the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. This luxury brand was founded in Rome in 1884. They have a niche for combining classic and contemporary designs with amazing jewels and original materials. They are not only known for their luxury necklaces but other upscale items, too, such as perfume.

Buccellati is still a family run luxury jewelry business today. Buccellati was founded in 1919. They are known for their metal work, most notably their textured engraving. Their artistic traditions carry on with building momentum, headed up by the father and daughter design team.


Piaget was founded in a small Swiss village in 1874. They deliver only the finest of diamonds which are tested for the purest qualities. They offer really gorgeous luxury necklaces.

Chopard was founded in 1860 by a young artisan. The Chopard traditions carry on using only the finest diamonds and other precious stones. Chopard also boasts a proud membership to the Responsible Jewellery Council.

United States of America

Harry Winston is an American luxury necklace designer. Founded in 1932, this brand is known for the intricate work with the highest quality diamonds and precious gems. They are known for their famous gemstones like the Hope Diamond and the Taylor-Burton. You can often find celebrities wearing Harry Winston necklaces at red carpet events.


Mikimoto has become the world’s most prominent luxury designer of pearl jewelry. Mikimoto was founded in 1858. They are known for outstanding luxury pearl jewelry designs including necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.


Graff is one of the newer luxury jewelry designers. Founded in 1960, they use only the rarest and highest quality diamonds. They have become known as the choice for the wealthiest individuals.

Popular Luxury Necklace Designers

A luxury designer necklace is something that every lovely lady should have in her jewelry box. The professional jewelers at Bernie Roberts are the best in the industry to help you choose the ideal luxury necklace.

Here are a few luxury necklaces that they carry:

Gurhan’s 24k Yellow Gold Multi-Stone Amulet Necklace

Luxury Necklaces

Penny Preville’s 18k Yellow Gold and Diamond Necklace with Ornate Leaf Stations

Luxury Necklaces

Zoe Chicco’s Hammered Open Heart Necklace in Yellow Gold

Luxury Necklaces

Heather B. Moore’s Customizable Charms (Example Nine shown)

Luxury Necklaces

Get on Board with the best Luxury Necklace Designers

A luxury necklace by one of the world’s top designers is a perfect way to symbolize and celebrate the greatest moments of your life. Whether you are treating yourself or a loved one to an extra special gift, a gorgeous necklace is an excellent choice that will not go unnoticed!

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