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Rose Gold Engagement Rings are a Hot Bridal Trend

Rose gold engagement rings are taking over bridal fashion in a big way! Modern brides are want something different besides the usual white or yellow gold. Rose gold fills the gap and the soft rosy color looks great on every skin tone. Get with the hot bridal jewelry trend of rose gold!

rose gold engagement ringsRose Gold is the new yellow

Carl Faberge` (practice saying fab burz jay), was a top jeweler to the Russian Czars during the early 19th century, and was the first to introduce rose gold. During this time in imperial Russia, he used rose gold to creating his ornately decorated Faberge` eggs. This was a fresh new take on the typical yellow gold that was almost exclusively used in fine jewelry. Carl Faberge` called it “Russian Gold.” As the popularity of Russian Gold grew around the globe, the name changed to Rose Gold.

Rose Gold in American Fashion

While this trend has roots back in Russia, the momentum was building in America soon after. During the 1920s, art deco was all the rage. Women’s styles were breaking away from Victorian mores and the freedom-loving flapper style emerged with boldness. These flapper fashion icons loved splashy new jewelry designs, many of which incorporated rose gold.

Those fringed flapper dresses were always trimmed out in beads and rhinestones. A night out at the club called for jeweled headbands, ropes of pearls and gold chains, bracelets up and down the arms, chandelier earrings and flashy rings. Rose gold was the favorite precious metal, leaving white and yellow gold behind for the more “traditional” girls.

How they put the “Rose” in Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Coloring gold for engagement rings and other jewelry all comes down to the metal alloys. Pure gold is too soft for jewelry making in most cases, so other metals are mixed in to hold the shape. Nickel is a silvery alloy added to pure gold to make white gold. To create rose gold, we have to add copper, thus giving the yellow that rosy warm tint.

The science behind rose gold

There are multiple shades of rose gold from rusty red to pale pink. The color depends on the amount of rose, or copper alloy, that is added to the yellow gold. A ratio of 75% gold, 22.5% copper and bit of silver seems to be the best formula for achieving the trendy hue of rose gold. The more copper added to the yellow gold, the redder the hue.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings are fiery hot

While rose gold has been used to make engagement ring since the end of WWII, the trend has spilled over into the other areas of fashion and fine jewelry. This trend is hot and here to stay. Aside from rose gold engagement rings, we see rose gold watches, rose gold stiletto shoes and even the rose, blush and ivory color combination all over the runway for fall and winter!

Rose gold engagement rings are not hypoallergenic, so be aware if you have any sensitivity to metals. There are a few benefits to choosing rose gold over white and yellow gold.

  • Rose gold is more durable than either white or yellow gold.
  • There is a romantic look that appeals to many young brides along with an antique feel.
  • Rose gold is a warm and feminine precious metal that compliments all skin tones.
  • White gold is rhodium plated, and it wears off over time, but rose gold is not plated so it will not lose its color.
  • Rose gold costs less than yellow gold and platinum, since the gold is mixed with a less expensive alloy metal.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings for Fashionable Brides

Rose Gold Engagement RingsHearts On Fire
Desire Diamond Engagement Ring

18k Rose Gold diamond encrusted setting with a 2-carat center stone. Confidently light up the room.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Michael B.
Rose Gold Stitch Ring

Micro Pave diamonds with a backdrop of platinum stitching set by hand with ultra-miniature diamonds.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Gabriel & Co. – Bridal
Diamond Pave Bypass Round Engagement Ring

Strands of white and pink gold spiral around your sparkling round center stone, creating a beautiful and eye-catching shape.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Vine Motif Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

This twisted rose gold band is reminiscent of a vine you’d find in a forest, topped off with a floral shaped white diamond.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Simon G.
Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Pave diamond cushion shape engagement ring with emerald cut side diamonds. This is an updated rose gold version of a classic ring setting.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

No matter which engagement ring design you fall in love with, most designer rings are available in yellow, white and rose gold- your choice! If you love the blush-beige color and you want your engagement ring to match the fiery beauty of a sunset, ask to have your ring made in rose gold.

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  1. rose gold engagement rings are very pretty. I like the soft look they have.

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