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Dare to Wear a Square Diamond Engagement Ring

Round cut is old news, but square diamond engagement rings are making the cut in a big way! The demand for square rings has risen since designers figured out how to give fancy cuts just as much sparkle as traditional round diamonds. Be a little edgy- Dare to wear a square diamond engagement ring!

square diamond engagement ringConsidering a Square Diamond Engagement Ring

You might be falling in love with a square diamond engagement ring that you saw at the store, or you remember admiring one that you saw on someone else’s finger. Square is different and refreshing, and these fancy cut diamonds come in really elegant settings. Do you think a square cut diamond engagement ring might be perfect for you? Here are some reasons to consider it:


  • Square cut is the second most popular shape for diamond rings

Second only to the classic round cut diamond, the square shape diamond is indeed a dreamy option. This is because, though a bit different, the square diamond still manages to maintain the brilliance, beauty, and intensity that we’ve come to expect from a traditional round cut diamond. Choosing a square cut will give you a fun shape without sacrificing any of the sparkle!

  • Non-traditional brides adore square diamond engagement rings

If you are the kind of bride who makes her own traditions and does her own thing instead of following the usual path, you probably want an engagement ring that fits your unique personality and independent bridal style. The square diamond is a great choice for bold women who insist of being themselves and don’t mind being different from the norm. Round, white diamonds are beautiful, but they are also typical. Square is fresh and cool.

Square Shaped Cuts for Square Diamond Engagement Rings

There are several exquisite square diamond cuts and shapes to choose from. Each with its own unique flare and sophistication, one or two different cuts will surely catch your eye.

Here are 5 square shaped cuts to know about:

1. Princess Cut

Of all the square shaped diamonds, the princess cut is most popular. This princess cut square diamond most closely resembles the round diamonds dazzle but it adds a contemporary twist. This is a great choice to combine a classic cut with a modern shape.

2. Cushion Cut

This dramatic square cut is really special because it is a fusion of characteristics of the round cut, oval cut, and the princess cut diamond. Cushion cut diamonds are square or rectangular in shape, with somewhat rounded edges that works to tone down the dramatic edges of the cut. A bride who adores vintage fashion and old-school elegance will love this style’s antique type of look.

3. Asscher Cut

Often called ‘square emerald cut’ because of its close resemblance to the emerald cut diamond, the Asscher cut diamond is known for its elegance and sophistication. It features a diamond that’s cut into steps (aka the steps cut) with perfectly flat facets that add to its glimmer. Asscher cut diamonds are a reflection of intricacy and grace, so perfect for a classy bride.

4. Radiant Cut

This cut features the marriage of the round and square diamond. The center of this design showcases the beauty and brilliance of a round diamond, while the corners are trimmed to give it a neat square finish. Although not as precisely geometric as the princess cut, the radiant cut is a reflection of sheer beauty and radiance.

5. Hearts on Fire Dream® Cut

Established as the top choice for fancy cut, the famous Hearts on Fire Dream® comes from the family of diamonds that are known to be the best-cut diamonds in the entire world. This dazzling cut features the highest level of intricacy with 70 facets that maximize the reflection of light. The Hearts On Fire Dream® cut is considered to be the most radiant fancy cut diamond on the market.

Favorite Picks: Square Diamond Engagement Rings

Since the trend of square shaped diamonds is growing in popularity, luxury jewelry designers are stretching their creativity to meet the growing demand for fancy cut engagement rings.

Here are some of the most gorgeous square diamond rings available:

square cut engagement ring

Princess Cut by Michael M.

This fantastic Princess Cut diamond is mounted on an enchanting diamond paved band. Its charm is authentic and effortless. It is available in platinum, 18k white, yellow, and rose gold.

square cut engagement ring

Cushion Cut by Gabriel & Co.

This intricately designed piece is as breathtaking as it is majestic. It features a cushion cut halo with a rich triple paved diamond band.

square cut engagement ring

Dream Cut by Hearts on Fire

This fashionable piece features a paved band with a luxurious octagonal bezel that screams of status, good fortune, wealth and prestige. It was skillfully crafted from 18k white gold.

Dare to pick a Square Diamond Engagement Ring

Show off your fiercely individual sense of style and your unique personality with a ring that stands out from the rest. Dare to go with a square diamond engagement ring and you’ll be saying  “yes!” to the love of your life with a symbolic token that is true to you.

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  1. Square diamond engagement rings have such a classy look. They always seem to stand out more to me.

  2. Square diamond engagement rings are cool but I don’t know if I like them better than a more traditional cut diamond.

  3. These are interesting. Not sure if i like the square diamond engagement ring better than the other cuts of diamonds.

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