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Two Tone Engagement Rings: Bridal Fashion Trends

Just as an engagement ring symbolizes the love shared between two unique people, it makes perfect sense to craft two tone engagement rings, to represent the union of two separate souls into one beautiful entity.

Two Tone Engagement RingsGet the best of both worlds – with Two Tone Engagement Rings

Why break away from tradition and opt for two tone engagement rings? There are plenty of reasons why brides today are choosing two tone rings, and it’s not just for fashion. Sure, the mixed metals trend is hot and it’s here to stay; but the symbolism of molding two metals together into one ring is the most meaningful reason to choose a design like this.

Here are the two main benefits to two tone engagements rings:

1. It gives the traditional engagement ring a lift. Bridal fashion is being reinvented with this trend of combining different colored precious metals. It’s a refreshing twist on the traditional engagement ring. The two tone design is such a bold look! With the blending of perfect tones, your two tone engagement ring will be a thing of beauty and glamour.

2. It gives you more versatility. By choosing a two tone engagement ring, you automatically get more flexibility in order to match your metals with your gemstones and with other jewelry. As a matter of fact, these rings defy all the rules. This is the right type of ring for a woman who likes to think outside of the box, and go against the grain.

Most Popular Color Combinations

Not all two tone engagement rings are equal in beauty and value. You should to choose color combinations that look well together and are essentially the same in terms of quality.

The best color combinations to choose from:

White and Rose Gold

Pairing these two contrasting colors makes for an amazing piece. With white gold giving a sense of purity and strength, and rose gold bringing its softer more romantic hue, you cannot go wrong. Both choices are perfect metals by themselves for engagement rings, but together they are really special. If you are looking for a more unique vintage setting, rose and white gold is perfect is a perfect choice.

Yellow and White Gold

These are two contrasting colors that combine to make something beautiful. Yellow gold’s classic glimmer and white gold’s versatility are paired to create breathtaking ring designs. For a woman who likes yellow gold and white gold or platinum, depending on the outfit, this is the best of both worlds.

Rose and Yellow Gold

Though both metals are gorgeous, a mixture of rose and white gold is a fine work of art. The brilliance of yellow gold together with the luster of rose gold makes for the creation of an enchanting masterpiece. This is an excellent choice for people with bold personalities who like everything to ‘pop.’

Fancy Combinations

As is common with the mixed metals jewelry trend, many engagement rings incorporate three different colors to create something even more spectacular. If you have a colorful personality and whimsical style, you’ll likely be confident to pull off a fancy combination like two tone or three tone jewelry. To get even more creative, you can bring in color through the gemstones. Diamonds are available in more than just white. Have you discovered yellow diamond engagement rings? There are many other precious gemstones to choose from if you’re looking for more of a bright and colorful engagement ring.

Favorite Picks: Two Tone Engagement Rings

Here are some amazing two tone engagement rings that you can find at Bernie Robbins. These featured rings are just a few of many incredible two tone styles by top luxury jewelry designers.

Diamond Pave Bypass Round Engagement Ring by Gabriel & Co.

Two Tone Engagement Rings

This heavenly masterpiece by Gabriel & Co. offers a refreshing twist to a very classic style. It features a beautiful mixture of white and pink gold that complement each other exquisitely. The diamond paved band mounts an incredible round diamond cradled in a whimsical swirl of pink.

Serpentine Design by Simone G.

Two Tone Engagement Rings

This luxurious piece by Simon G. features the marriage of 18k yellow and white gold to create a work of art that is classy and pleasing to the eye. The band paved with diamonds spirals downward to give support to the majestic round diamond.

Verragio Parisian Engagement Ring

Two Tone Engagement Rings

From the Verragio Parisian collection, this masterpiece features a cushion cut diamond surrounded by a single halo of beautiful diamonds that highlights the centre stone perfectly. The shoulders are appropriately enhanced by designs of rose gold.

Don’t be scared to mix things up

Two tone engagement rings may quickly become your favorite style – if you haven’t already decided on the perfect engagement ring. Wearing mixed metals is not only interesting, but the end result is a most unexpected and beautiful piece of jewelry. Mix it up with two tone engagement rings!

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