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Rarest of them all: Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Only 1 out of 10,000 natural diamonds is genuinely yellow. Find out what makes these unusual gems special, and discover a beautifully rare yellow diamond engagement ring.

Yellow Diamond Engagement RingYellow Diamonds in Nature

Natural yellow diamonds come in a wide variety of colors and shades, making these rare gemstones all the more special and unique.

Unlike clear diamonds, which are structured of 100% carbon molecules, the colored diamonds include a second element. These diamonds attribute their unique coloring to trace amounts of nitrogen in their atomic structure.

The nitrogen refracts the light in a slightly different way, resulting in a very distinct color. Yellow diamonds come in hues ranging from a deep brownish-yellow to a vibrant sunshine gold color. You can also find yellow diamonds in a soft, translucent whitish yellow hue.

4 Types of yellow diamonds

1. Canary Diamonds

Canary diamonds are the first type of yellow diamond that usually springs to mind, named after their intense, vibrant canary yellow shade. These gemstones are beautiful paired with yellow or white gold, making for some very eye-catching yellow diamond engagement rings.

2. Zimmi Yellow Diamonds

This type originates from southern Sierra Leone, and is known for its exceptionally strong dazzling yellow. Due to the unique geological conditions under which these diamonds form, Zimmi diamonds are so rare that they make up only 0.8% of all yellow diamonds on earth. The Zimmi may be the youngest type of yellow diamonds that we know about.

3. Cape Diamonds

Paler yellow diamonds are known as Cape Diamonds, because they’re found in the Cape Province in South Africa. Geologists often debate whether these enchanting small light diamonds should truly be classified as “yellow diamonds,” as they fall somewhere in between yellow and white on the D-Z color scale. This label changes nothing in terms of the cape diamonds’ exquisite beauty, but it does place them in the range of greater affordability.

4. Champagne Diamonds or Cognac Diamonds

Dark yellow diamonds are the rarest of the yellows, and they typically cost the most. Known as Champagne Diamonds or Cognac Diamonds, these precious gemstones possess an internal fire of golden light, and claim some of the biggest diamonds ever recorded. Earth’s current largest cut diamond is called Golden Jubilee, an enormous 545.65 carat Champagne Diamond owned by the royal family of Thailand. Its discovery in 1983 superseded the more famous Great Star of Africa, a 530.4 ct. Champagne Diamond found in 1908.

What to Look for in Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings


The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) uses the D-Z scale to define the exact color of diamonds. D is the clearest and most colorless; Z is the darkest on the scale. Interesting to note, the pricing of diamonds is greatest at the two ends of the spectrum, since both absolutely clear diamonds and vibrant yellow diamonds are the most rare.


Clarity means the absence of abrasions, inclusions, and blemishes. The GIA specifies 6 possible degrees of clarity in a diamond:

  1. FL (flawless) means no blemishes or inclusions under 10x magnification
  2. IF (internally flawless) means no inclusions under 10x magnification
  3. VVS (very, very slightly) means flaws visible under 10x magnification only
  4. VS (very slightly) means flaws visible under less than 10x magnification by an expert only
  5. SI (slightly included) means flaws visible noticeable under 10x magnification by a non-expert
  6. I (included) means flaws are very obvious under 10x magnification


The quality of the cut determines the number of facets on the face of the diamond, and therefore has a great deal to do with its sparkle. Cut quality is measured by symmetry and polish, and graded on a scale of Excellent, Very Good, Good, and Fair.

Best Metals for Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

The precious metal used to make a yellow diamond engagement ring has a lot to do with the final look that your yellow diamond has.

For example, yellow gold or rose gold makes the yellow in a diamond simply pop out with brilliance.

Even if your ring band itself is white gold or platinum, you can choose a ring with a yellow or rose gold crown to hold the diamond in. You’ll notice how even the tiny prongs that hold the diamond in place add to its dazzle instead of retracting from it.

Most Stylish Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Katharine James Bella’s Love® Cushion-Cut Edition

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Studded with white diamonds, gleaming with white gold, and sparkling like a sunbeam with a brilliant center yellow diamond set in yellow gold, this gorgeous engagement ring is joyful in nature.

Bernie Robbins Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

This exquisite double-banded engagement ring features pave-set white diamonds along both bands and a tear-shaped double halo, surrounding a pear-shaped cut yellow center diamond.

ArtCarved Janice Engagement Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Your choice of platinum, white gold, or yellow gold, this diamond studded split shank engagement ring features a square halo holding a cushion-cut yellow diamond.

ArtCarved Devyn Engagement Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

A dazzling cushion-cut yellow diamond is set in your choice of a platinum, white gold, or yellow gold milgrain engagement ring.

Bernie Robbins Yellow Diamond Ring with Marquis Sides

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Bring on the sunlight! A beautiful yellow cushion-cut center diamond sparkles from a yellow gold setting surrounded by a double halo of diamond white gold, on this split-shank engagement ring pave-set with tiny white diamonds. The total weight of gemstones is 1.52 ct.

Shop for a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Celebrate your love with a yellow diamond engagement ring! Nothing can surpass a yellow diamond for enchantment, charm, and sheer brilliance. Symbolize your unique and rare type of love with a precious gemstone that is one of the rarest of them all!

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