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Verragio Wedding Bands

The luxury brand of Verragio strictly deals with bridal jewelry. The founder was passionate about the value of lasting relationships, and his gift of Verragio wedding bands captures a life of love and marital bliss.
Verragio Wedding Bands

Journey of the Verragio Name

Fourteen year old Barry Verragio made his way from Russia to New York City where he worked as a bench jeweler and designer for other companies. That choice was based on a desire to work and create with his hands. Barry enrolled in the New York Fashion Institute and began creating his own designs.

Years later as a young adult, he created an engagement ring for the love of his life. His wife cherishes this original ring and Barry never duplicated her ring. However, he designed others based on the design concept of his wife’s treasured ring. Those designs were well received, and that is how his brand began gaining recognition in the luxury bridal jewelry world.

Verragio believes the center stone should be enhanced, not overwhelmed by the setting. That belief inspired him to create the Lumino setting for engagement rings. This setting suspends the center stone, opening all its facets to the light and dramatically enhancing the sparkle.

By 1996, Barry Verragio was ready to start his own business based on his designs and his proprietary Lumino Setting. He also felt he had found his niche in bridal jewelry. Even today, Barry Verragio is the force behind the company. He plays an active role and chooses to spend time around retailers and customers. He enjoys trunk shows and seeing how people respond to his designs.

The Verragio Philosophy For Wedding Bands

Verragio designs are heavily influenced by Italian and French art and architecture. Those influences are seen in the intricate decorative and flowing curves in his engagement rings and wedding bands. Old world charm and artisanship are incorporated into this modern jewelry.

Here are the core values of the Verragio process and culture:

  • Create Designs That are Like No Other. That is the company motto. From the beginning,  it has been the cornerstone of the business plan and the artistic approach.
  • Focus on the enhancement of the center stone as the purpose of the setting. Barry Verragio compares this concept to a woman preparing for an evening out. She wants to be seen so she chooses a dress that will enhance her beauty rather than overwhelm it.
  • Think of the multi-dimensional woman who will wear the ring. The ring should look stunning from the top and from the sides. Women have no sharp angles and her ring should not have them either. Her wedding band should have soft and smooth curves.
  • Capture the joy of the event into the design of the wedding band. Barry Verragio tries to imagine the joy that will accompany the wedding and the promise that the wedding band represents. He sets out to capture meaning in each of his designs.

Verragio Wedding Bands from the Collection


Wedding ring from the Insignia Collection, featuring 0.18ct. of round brilliant-cut diamonds. In 14k and 18K Yellow, White and Rose Gold and Platinum.


From the Eterna Collection of diamond eternity bands with 0.55ct. of pave’ set round brilliant-cut diamonds. In Gold and Platinum.


Wedding ring from the Parisian Collection, featuring 0.40ct. of round cut diamonds. In Gold and Platinum.


Wedding band from the Couture Collection, featuring rose gold over a white profile and 0.45ct of round brilliant cut diamonds. Also available in White Gold and Platinum.


From Verragio For Men, wedding band collection: comes in a standard width of 7 mm with a satin finish. In 14KW with a Rose Gold inlay. This mens wedding band comes in a standard width of 8mm with a satin finish and 0.25ct of princess cut diamonds. In 14K white gold with Rose Gold. Verragio for Men, wedding band collection: comes in a standard width of 6 mm.

Find Verragio Wedding Bands

Verragio wedding bands are worth choosing to honor your most important life decision. Choose your setting from five stunning collections or customize it to be more fitting. Verragio jewelry is not available direct from the designer. You can find these rings at a Verragio approved jeweler to be sure you’re finding authentic Verragio wedding bands.


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