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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings for the Ultra Glamorous

Emerald cut engagement rings make a statement about the bride-to-be. This retro gemstone shape is a favorite among sophisticated, glamorous women. The emerald cut engagement ring comes from the Art Deco era, and its old Hollywood vibe is still hot today! The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring The emerald cut engagement ring diamond has roots in Read more

Get a Hold of a Prong Setting Engagement Ring

A prong setting engagement ring is arguably the most common settings for diamonds- especially in bridal jewelry. Learn the different types of prong setting engagement rings before you settle on one! What Exactly is a Prong Setting Engagement Ring? Prongs are tiny metal bars or claws that hold a gem in place. One of the Read more

Gurhan Gold Earrings: Fashioned from Pure Gold

The collections of Gurhan gold earrings are handcrafted using proprietary methods to make wearable jewelry straight from pure gold. Gurhan earrings are durable and prestigious, and they are placed in a category of their own. Gurhan Gold Earrings changed the jewelry industry Gurhan is a name that really stands on its own. Before this designer Read more

Gurhan Bracelets for the Professional Woman

Looking for bold and beautiful pieces to wear to the office or to a business dinner? Gurhan bracelets are a great choice for a busy, stylish woman. These versatile pieces will match most of what’s already in your professional wardrobe! Go bold in pure gold: Gurhan Bracelets Gurhan is globally recognized for reviving the fine Read more

Armenta Jewelry: Artfully Dark and Meaningful

Armenta jewelry caters to a taste that is dark and mysterious. These edgy pieces are influenced by history and literature, combining old world and new world elements. Both men and women gravitate towards the luxurious Armenta jewelry brand. How Armenta jewelry came together Armenta jewelry is a luxury brand that was founded by a woman Read more

The Perfect Engagement Ring in Marlton NJ

The Perfect Engagement Ring in Marlton NJ The Perfect Engagement Ring in Marlton NJ: Mitch is just wonderful and awesome! He helped my boyfriend choose the perfect engagement ring so we also bought our wedding bands through him. He is thorough, a great listener and he has your best interest at heart. All in all, Read more

Race to the Top with Tag Heuer Timepieces

In a discussion about luxury watches and classic timepieces, the Tag Heuer name is likely to come up. Proudly affiliated with racing and performance the Tag Heuer watch is at the top of the luxury timepieces business, and their success is well deserved! The Evolution of the Tag Heuer watch Unless you live in Switzerland, Read more

Hearts on Fire Earrings

There’s a special place in my heart for sparkly earrings that dangle and dance. If you want to catch someone’s eye, there’s no better way than wearing earrings that move and glimmer in the light. The Hearts On Fire earrings collection really impressed me. Their earrings seem to capture a perfect balance of simplicity and Read more

Rolex bears the Crown as the King of Timepieces

When it comes to status symbols, only one can be king. The Rolex crown boasts a name that is synonymous with wealth and success. This luxury watch brand is the undisputed favorite pick in the upper echelon of timepieces. The Rolex crown symbol is famously embossed onto the surface of the finest luxury watches. These watches are not Read more

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

This is the ultimate anniversary gift list for your spouse. Unlike most lists, we have included practical gift ideas for each year. Enjoy! 1st Wedding Anniversary: Paper On a budget? Write a love letter. Give romantic “coupons”. You might also try personalized stationary.   2nd Wedding Anniversary: Cotton Clothing – tshirts, hoodies, pajamas. Maybe a Read more