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Hearts on Fire Earrings

There’s a special place in my heart for sparkly earrings that dangle and dance. If you want to catch someone’s eye, there’s no better way than wearing earrings that move and glimmer in the light. The Hearts On Fire earrings collection really impressed me. Their earrings seem to capture a perfect balance of simplicity and detail.

Hearts On Fire Earrings for EveningHearts On Fire Earrings

Low-sweeping chandelier earrings are my absolute favorite. They fall at a perfect length to highlight the most flattering part of my jawline. They instantly provide “that extra something” needed to complete a formal look. If I’m going to a fancy dinner party or on a romantic date with my husband, I always wear a stunning pair of chandelier earrings.

These Hearts On Fire Inspiration Chandelier Earrings are gorgeous, and the design strikes me as a bit vintage. They are 18k Gold encrusted with 1.60k diamonds, and you can get them in white or yellow gold depending on what looks best with your skin tone.

Hearts On Fire Earrings

Hearts On Fire – Inspiration Chandelier Earring


I can’t take my eyes off these climbing Hearts On Fire Earrings. These earrings are so interesting…the way they extend up the ear lobe and diamond strands fall downwards along the neck. Shaped to resemble a leaf, but it’s more of an abstract 18k White Gold design covered with 3.05k diamonds.

Hearts On Fire Earrings

Hearts On Fire – Lorelei Leaf with Fringe Diamond Ear Climbers

Hearts On Fire Earrings for Everyday

Stud earrings (or post earrings, as I’ve always called them) are adorable for young girls… but I rarely find studs that are sophisticated enough for a woman like me to wear.

Hearts On Fire Earrings

Hearts On Fire – Petite Bearded Teardrop Stud Earrings


However, I must admit that I noticed a few pairs in the Hearts On Fire earrings collection that I would actually wear- probably with a casual outfit, rather than an evening gown. The swirly designs made of molded 18k White Gold are laced with real diamonds. It’s a really pretty combination, and more elegant than most stud earrings styles that I’ve seen.

Hearts On Fire Earrings

Hearts On Fire – Atlantico Circle Pave Earrings


Many of the Hearts On Fire diamond stud earrings are cut outs. The cut outs delicately show the skin peeking out from behind the earring. If you’re going to wear stud earrings and you want to look chic, I would suggest going with styles like these.

Hearts On Fire Earrings

Hearts On Fire – Copley Heart Studs

Shine On with Hearts On Fire Earrings

Whether you’re shopping for appropriate earrings for a young girl, or you’re browsing around earrings for yourself, there’s a great assortment of Hearts On Fire earrings. Pick your favorite style and get ready to sparkle and shine with every move that you make. Hearts On Fire earrings strike the perfect balance of simple yet interesting and polished.

I still remember the pain of getting my ears pieced, but these stunning Hearts On Fire earrings remind me that it all was completely worth it!

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