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Designer Jewelry Brands

Bernie Robbins CollectionDesigner Jewelry Brands

Bernie Robbins Collection is an eclectic mix of fine jewelry from designer jewelry brands, carefully selected by our tastemakers. As experts in diamonds and precious metals, we curate this collection with our customers in mind. Our buyers travel often, internationally sourcing treasures worthy of our fine jewelry collection.

This menagerie of beautifully crafted items features rare pieces from top designers. Our collection also includes scarcely known jewelers that we have discovered in our travels. If our vision for Bernie Robbins Collection goes beyond what we are able to gather, we often design and create it ourselves – that is Bernie Robbins Collection.

Masterfully Crafted Pieces

In addition to our collection, we also carry a significant number of designer jewelry brands in each one of our stores. A customer of the highest taste can come into Bernie Robbins and find high-end items like a Rolex watch, a Forevermark engagement ring, or a Hearts on Fire diamond necklace. Browse collections from the likes of Cartier, Chanel and Michael Kors at any one of our locations.

We warmly embrace tradition, but we also have a finger on the pulse of modern fashion and trends. Every piece that we put on display is selected for its connection to the zeitgeist, or defining mood of our times. We also hand select pieces according to the style and personality of our specific customer.

Designer Jewelry Brands

Valuable Relationships with Designers

Bernie Robbins Jewelers has an excellent relationship with exclusive designers. Our relationships have served us well over the past 50 years. As a result, we are part of what is considered the inner circle of luxury jewelry. Top designers partner with us to launch new collections. At Bernie Robbins, your can find limited edition items and new designs before they are made available to the rest of the world. We are honored to be on the luxury jewelry forefront.

Designer Jewelry Brands

Many international designers make visits to our stores for personal appearances, trunk shows, special co-hosted dinners and fashion shows. We are highly pleased to entertain our best local customers during these special events.

Luxury Jewelry Brands

Our collection of designer jewelry brands is ever evolving. We currently offer fine jewelry from the following designers:

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