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Family Owned Jewelry Shop

Humble Beginnings

Bernie Robbins is a name that has always been synonymous with high quality and exemplary service, despite its humble beginnings. Over 55 years ago, Bernie Robbins was a small Philadelphia appliance store that also sold jewelry.

The storeowner, Bernie, allowed his daughter and son-in-law to take charge of the family business soon after they were married. Newlyweds Harvey and Madalyn quickly noticed a high demand for jewelry. At the time, the desire for fine jewelry actually surpassed the need for appliances. They restructured the business and re-launched as a luxury jewelry store, still calling it Bernie Robbins.

Now with four locations and notable success, Bernie Robbins still operates as a small, family-owned business with a high emphasis on the customer experience.

Family Owned Jewelry Shop

Be Our Guest

We are all family here, and the store is like our home. When you visit for the first time, you’re not treated like a customer- you’re treated like a valued guest. Once we get to know you better, we will treat you like you’re part of the family.

Our agenda is simple: we are here to help you and serve you. Whether you want some information, prefer to browse our pieces, have an item in need of repair, or wish to order a rare item or custom design, we are genuinely happy to assist. Our employees are thoughtful and full of knowledge, and our four jewelers have over 100 years of combined experience!

Please do not hesitate to stop by, whether or not you’re in the market for jewelry. You don’t need to shop when you visit Bernie Robbins. You can relax without feeling pressure to make a purchase… and we truly mean that. Whether you’re a first-time guest just window-shopping, or you’re looking to celebrate a milestone with an important purchase, you will be warmly welcome here.

We will help with whatever you need and we’ll make you want to stick around longer. That’s how we do things at Bernie Robbins.

Family Owned Jewelry Shop

The Bernie Robbins Experience

Being a family-owned small business has shaped the culture and environment at Bernie Robbins. We are not your typical jewelry store. Though our floor plan is beautiful and visually impressive, the atmosphere couldn’t be any more casual.

Bring your dog with you or stop by on your way to the beach! If you like a cappuccino, we have a coffee bar. There’s a play area for your kids’ entertainment so you can unwind for a moment in our lounge area. We try to accommodate every type of customer with a personalized, helpful experience in a comfortable environment. We’ll even share our jellybeans.

At Bernie Robbins, our environment is less like jewelry store and more like a living room- because that’s what a family-owned jewelry shop should feel like!


We’re Ready to Celebrate with You

Celebrations are always a family affair at Bernie Robbins. If you’re having a birthday or anniversary or planning an engagement or wedding, we want to honor you and make you feel even more special. We are excited to celebrate right along with you and the ones you love. When you’re shopping for something to symbolize these special moments of your life, let us be part of the fun. We’ll bring the champagne!

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