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Flattering Necklace Lengths for your Body and Style

 Do you know which necklaces are most flattering for your figure? Can you tell which necklace styles will go best with your clothing? Here is a cheat sheet to help you discover the ideal necklace length for your individual style and body type!

NecklacesChoose the right necklaces length based on your clothing

Fashion tips are easy to come by these days. Whenever I flip through a magazine or turn on the TV, I hear advice on which clothing styles and patterns will flatter my figure. But when it comes to knowing the right jewelry for my personal type, information is not so widespread. Do YOU know what to look and what to avoid? The reality is that jewelry has the power to make or break your outfit. What should we consider when shopping for a necklace?

Always consider your neckline

The perfect necklace length relates to the neckline of your clothing. If you need a versatile piece of jewelry to compliment
everyday outfits, consider what neckline shapes are in your current wardrobe. If you’re preparing for a special event, you’ll need to know the cut of your bodice beforehand.

Flattering Necklace Lengths for your Body and Style

 Pick a necklace to compliment your neckline:

Crew Necks and Boat Necks want to be paired with a longer chain. The key is to contrast the length of your necklace with the style of your neckline. Because a Crew Neck covers the collarbone at the base of the neck, a long, sweeping necklace is most flattering. Boat Necks sit high up on the shoulder to create a straight line directly under the chin. This line looks very sophisticated topped with a long strand of pearls or an intricate pendant necklace.

V-Neck and Sweetheart Necklines call for a shorter drop. When selecting a necklace length, you want to avoid a chain that stops right at the top of your shirt or dress. There should be sufficient space between your necklace and the rise of your shirt. A shorter necklace will go well with a V-neck or Sweetheart Neckline. Chokers can be lovely with these styles. Short strands of pearls or a simple chain link necklace is a good choice. If you opt for a charm necklace, the ornament should clear the top of your shirt by a half-inch or more.

Collared Button-Down shirts can go either way, depending on how you wear it. A classic collared shirt is known for versatility and can coordinate with any necklace length. If you wear a collared shirt buttoned up, it’s a great way to showcase a shorter necklace style- especially a structured, statement piece like this Heart on Fire Copley Bezel necklace. Another way to wear a collared shirt with a necklace is to button it only halfway. Leave the top 3 or 4 buttons unfastened. Accessorize this look by wearing a longer necklace length and letting it drape over the top of your shirt.


Flattering Necklace Lengths for your Body and Style

Understand that one necklace length doesn’t fit all

Like fine jewelry, women come in different styles and lengths. We want to play up our best assets to look and feel amazing. A necklace can give attention to an area you want to emphasize, or it can shift the focus away from an area you’d rather hide. Although jewelry doesn’t come in sizes like clothing does, it’s important to know what fits you best.

Know what suits your body type

There are some things to keep in mind if you are a little bit taller, smaller or fuller than average. Find your body type below for tips on choosing the right necklace length:

Go long if you’re taller than 5’6. There are many beautiful necklace styles that are ideal for a longer torso. If you have more height on your side, you can wear a necklace that drops to the naval or falls slightly below the waist. These longer necklaces are called Opera Necklaces or Rope Necklaces.

Avoid weighing down a petite frame. You need a necklace that is on the lighter side if you are 5’2 or shorter. While some necklaces may not feel heavy, they might appear too heavy or crowded for your frame. Shorter necklace lengths for a petite figure are best, especially if it’s a bold style. Princess Necklaces that hit at mid-chest, or Chokers and that rest above the collarbone are always flattering on a petite woman.

Choose the right placement for a plus-size figure. Curvy and plus-sized body types tend to go really well with bold, structured pieces of jewelry like Collars and Cuff styles. A plus-sized woman can also wear a delicate necklace with longer length. If you want to accentuate your bust or high waist point, draw the eye downward with a long Tassel Necklace or an eye-catching Pendant.

Flattering Necklace Lengths for your Body and Style

Choose a necklace that will bring sincere compliments your way

Next time you go shopping for jewelry, you will see a wide variety of necklace styles and lengths. Remember these tips so you can make an informed decision. If you’re going to invest in a valuable piece of jewelry, choose a necklace that flatters your figure and coordinates beautifully with your clothing.

If you choose jewelry that fits you, both in style and body, others are going notice. Your friends will realize that there’s something special about you and you will be comfortable and confident in a necklace that feels like it was made just for you!

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