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Side Stone Engagement Rings: Extra Bling for the Bride

Side stone engagement rings are a favorite for fashionable brides to be! If you believe that more is more and you want extra bling on your ring, side stone engagement rings should be your top choice!

Side Stone Engagement RingsWhat are Side Stone Engagement Rings?

Whenever you think of taking something that is already special and turning it into something extra special, you should think of what side stones do for engagement rings. They complement, adds luster, and charm to the already exquisite engagement ring.

Side stone engagement rings are rings with a centre stone and additional stones that are a little or a lot smaller than the main stone. These stones may be of the same kind like the main gemstone, or they can be totally different. Some gemstones that are commonly used as side stones include diamonds, pink and blue sapphires, and emeralds.

Side stones do a fine job at highlighting the centre stone and adding to the dazzle of the already enchanting piece. There is no such thing as too much elegance. Apart from adding bling to the engagement ring, side stones can be used to tell the couple’s unique love story. The three stone setting can be used to represent the past, present, and future; while the dramatic centre stone surrounded by smaller stone is the ideal way to capture your past while you keep your sights on the bright and promising future.

Different layouts for side stone engagement rings

Side stones can be used in a wide variety of ways depending on the preference of the deserving bride to be. Here are some suggested layouts of the side stone engagement ring.
▪ Tiny side stones around the band
This setting is called the channel setting and it features one or several neat rows of paved diamonds that are aligned side by side and fitted through a narrow channel in the metal. This gives a neat smooth finish to a luxuriously designed band. It also works with the centre stone to produce an engagement ring that will be the rival of other engagement rings of its kind.
This style is absolutely perfect for the bride to be that is fond of precision and perfection.
▪ Larger side stones on either side of center stone
Though not as large as the centre stone itself, these stones are larger than the stones used as halo or channels for the shoulders or entire band. These impressive stones have the potential to speak volume of a couple’s relationship. There is much option to the size, type, and color of these side stones. It all depends on what you want your engagement ring to represent. This setting is called the three stone or trinity setting thus giving the ring a spiritual symbolism.
▪ Side stones centered around the main gemstone
This is a popular classic style known as the halo setting. It is nothing short of heavenly. It features a number of stones magically encircling the centre stone to add even more sophistication and sensation to the engagement ring. Stones used for the halo can also vary in size, type, and color. It is also possible to have a number of halos encircling the centre stone.
▪ Other Creative Styles
Although, they may appear to be contemporary, the most stylish and creative side stone engagement rings are those from various jewelry making era in the past. Other side stone engagement ring styles include stones designed to imitate the bloom of spring, lush flowers, or other elements in nature. These engagement rings are perfect for the lovers of nature.

Favorite Picks: Side Stone Engagement Rings

Here’s a glimpse of some favorite picks of amazing side stone engagement rings that you can consider if you have decided on a side stone engagement ring. Even if you are still deciding, maybe these enchanting pieces will help you to make up your mind.

Bridal Pave and Sapphire Bypass by Gabriel & Co.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

This extremely elegant contemporary piece is crafted from 18k white gold. It features a sleek strand of diamonds wrapped intricately around the glorious centre stone. The two sapphires on either side of the centre stone did a fine job of highlighting it.

From the Europa Collection by Michael M.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

This luxurious master piece screams big and bold all over it. It is literally covered with enchanting diamonds. It features a halo encircling a majestic centre stone, which is beautifully mounted on a band of diamonds.

From the Passion Collection by Simone G.  

Side Stone Engagement Rings

This work of art beautifully captures the perfect marriage of 18k rose and white gold. It features a trail of baguette diamonds leading up to the main diamond. The edge is also lined with smaller diamonds.

Choose Side Stone Engagement Rings

Your engagement is one of the biggest events in your life; hence the perfect ring is necessary. You will be admiring this ring everyday so pick one that really  impresses you and deserves all of the gazing! Don’t be afraid to ask for a little extra bling like a side stone engagement ring.

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