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Luxury Diamonds Say it Better

When it comes to jewelry, luxury diamonds speak volumes. These are the most highly desired gemstones in the world. Display your class, your taste, and – of course – even your relationship status with luxury diamond jewelry!

Luxury DiamondWhat are Luxury Diamonds?

Every diamond is beautiful in its own way… but all diamonds are certainly not equal in value. The official classification of “luxury diamonds” is strictly reserved for the best of the best. Gemstone qualities such as color, carats, clarity, and cut are measurable and ratable. Only those precious stones that surpass the highest standards can be labeled as luxury diamonds. Have a look at some of the criteria that qualifies the best gemstones to bear the title of luxury diamonds.

Large enough in size

Smaller diamonds do not make the cut, no matter how clear or colorful or beautifully cut they are. In order for a diamond to be considered a luxury diamond, it must be over 3 carats in size. Many luxury jewelry designs set aside the smaller diamonds to use to accentuate the center. They may use tiny diamonds as side stones, or to pave the band itself, but the main diamond must be bigger than 3 carats, in accordance with the luxury diamond standard.

Perfect in the cut

The cut must be flawless. The slightest sign of imperfection is grounds for rejection. When it comes to flawless diamonds, Hearts on Fire and Forevermark Diamonds are in a league of their own. These two brands are known for their adherence to using luxury diamonds only. They are known for their precision and perfection. Only a tiny one percent of the world’s diamonds qualifies to become Hearts on Fire and Forevermark Diamonds.

When to buy a Luxury Diamond?

Because luxury diamonds are special, they are perfectly appropriate for special occasions. Luxury diamonds are the best choice to symbolize love, commitment, and triumph. Here’s a list of special occasions that are often celebrated with the gift of a luxury diamond, most commonly set into rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches.

  • Engagements
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas gifts
  • Success in sports
  • Success at work

Caring for Luxury Diamonds

Luxury diamonds are a big investment. They should be cherished and kept clean, so they can sparkle their best and last a lifetime. High-end jewelry is durable, as great designers take care to secure the precious gems into well-made settings. Luxury diamonds are the hardest gemstone available, but they are not unbreakable. They can become cracked, chipped, and damaged if they are not properly taken care of. The worst is when a diamond falls out. (That’s when a great insurance policy is a lifesaver!)

Here are three helpful tips that will assist you in caring your luxury diamonds to maintain their brilliance:

1. Avoid harmful contact

To ensure that your luxury diamonds do not lose their luster or become damaged:

  • Always put on your makeup, perfume, or other cosmetics first, before putting on your luxury diamond jewelry. The chemicals in these products can compromise the brilliance of your diamonds and the metals, over time.
  • Remove your luxury diamonds before taking a bath, and especially before swimming in a pool that has chlorinated water.
  • Never wear your diamonds when doing housework that involves you using unnatural cleaning products.
  • Never wear your diamonds when playing heavy contact sports.

2. Keep them somewhere safe

When you are not wearing your luxury diamonds, store them away properly to keep them protected.

  • Be sure to store them in a jewelry box.
  • Do not store more than one piece of diamond jewelry in the same box, unless they are separated in different compartments. This is to keep the diamonds from scratching each other.
  • Necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry with several diamonds in a row should be neatly laid out in the box, so that the diamonds do not rub against each other.

3. Keep them clean

It is easy to clean your luxury diamonds. You may prefer to leave this step to your local jeweler, but if you’d rather not be bothered you can do it yourself.

  • When cleaning your diamond jewelry, try not to touch the face of the stones. Hold them by their edges or by the setting.
  • Soak jewelry for a few minutes in a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. A generic window cleaner is usually fine to use, or you can buy a jeweler cleaning kit at the store.
  • Brush jewelry gently with a soft bristle toothbrush or a small makeup brush.
  • Rinse and dry with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Luxury Diamonds Styles – Five favorite picks

Emerald Cut Platinum Ring by Bernie RobbinsLuxury Diamond

This stunning platinum ring features a majestic 8.51 ct. brilliant emerald cut diamond as its center stone. The two trapezoidal diamonds at the sides add an additional 1.66 carats to the weight. This piece is the perfect engagement ring to mark the beginning of a lifelong commitment.

White Gold Round Diamond by Bernie Robbins

Luxury Diamond

This fantastic ring is crafted from 18k white gold. It features an enchanting 4.26 ct. brilliant round cut diamond. It is exquisitely encircled by a halo of divinely beautiful diamonds. It also features a pave diamond band. This is a luxurious engagement ring for a very lucky lady.

White Gold Stud Earrings by Bernie Robbins

Luxury Diamond

These beauties are fashioned from 18k white gold. This pair of stud earrings features two enchanting round diamonds, which weigh 10.00 carats! For the right woman, this pair of earrings will make the perfect gift on almost any special occasion.

Platinum Rose cut Diamond Necklace by Bernie Robbins

Luxury Diamond

This extremely classy piece has luxury and sophistication written all over it. It is crafted from platinum and features stunning rose cut diamonds that are complemented by round diamonds to achieve a beautiful floral motif. The total diamond weight of this piece is a whopping 65.84 carats!

White Gold Diamond and Ruby Bracelet

Luxury Diamond

This unique yet exquisite piece is crafted from 18k white gold. It features alternating ruby ovals and diamonds. It is an excellent match to go with just about any outfit.

Bernie Robbins is the one to trust for Luxury Diamonds

Regardless of the occasion, Bernie Robbins has the perfect collection of handpicked luxury diamonds. Their experts are passionate about finding the finest diamonds, and teaching others about luxury jewelry. Visit Bernie Robbins Jewelers to discover stunning luxury diamonds and gain a deeper understanding before you make any decisions.

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