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Roberto Coin Bracelets

Whether you are shopping for a special woman in your life or looking to treat yourself, Roberto Coin Bracelets are a beautiful choice. Their elegance and charm is met with the versatility to suit any occasion- day or night, business or pleasure.

Roberto Coin BraceletsSpecial Features of Roberto Coin Bracelets

Here are some special features that make Roberto Coin bracelets a classic choice:

  • The hallmark Ruby
    This is a signature feature that is hidden inside each Roberto Coin Bracelet. This special touch originated out of the head designer Roberto Coin’s belief that rubies have mystical features that grant their wearer health, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Materials Used
    Roberto Coin bracelets are crafted from the finest materials to ensure a flawless end product. Some of the materials used to create these stunning masterpieces include 18k rose, yellow, and white gold, sterling silver, steel, diamonds, other precious stones, and even wood. Among the notable stones used are black jade and agate.
  • Styles 
    The chic designs of Roberto Coin bracelets are easy to recognize. The Gourmette features a stunning, hand finished hollow linked gold bracelet. The Princess has a stain finish with floral designs. The Retro is a chain link bracelet. The Symphony is designed to create the illusion of harmony created by music. The Venetian Princess features a combination of irresistible black and white diamonds.

Roberto Coin Bracelets Supports Pancreatic Cancer

In 2010, Roberto Coin teamed up with the Lustgarden Foundation to create three signature bracelets, to raise awareness and funding to strengthen the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Celebrities wear Roberto Coin Bracelets

There are several celebrities who have taken a liking towards the elegant designs of Roberto Coins bracelets and as such use them to complement their outfits on the red carpet, to fancy galas and just about any occasion that they choose to grace with their presence.

A handful of the most famous Roberto Coin admirers:

▪ Frederica Pellengrina
▪ Jessica Kahawaty
▪ Kristen Stewart
▪ Maria Sansone
▪ Nancy Carell
▪ Emmy Rossum
▪ Aisha Tyler
▪ Gilles Marini
▪ Miss Jay Alexander
▪ Eve
▪ Petra Nemcova

Favorite Styles of Roberto Coin Bracelets

Here are some favorite styles of Roberto Coin Bracelets that are available at Bernie Robbins:

Roberto Coin Bracelets

Link Bracelet with Diamonds

From the Pois Moi Collection by Roberto Coin, this Retro design is an exquisite work of art that features 18k yellow gold, intricately decorated with diamonds. The chain links are beautifully connected with diamonds. This is definitely a must-have since it can be worn for any occasion.

Roberto Coin Bracelets

Slim Bangle with Diamonds

This masterpiece was drawn from the Golden Gate Collection. It is intricately designed on the inside with a smooth glazed finish on the outside. This design is simple yet sophisticated. Hence, it suits the classy lady.

Roberto Coin Bracelets

Art Deco Bracelet with Diamonds and Black Jade

This enchanting beauty was taken from the Tiny Treasures Collection. It was crafted from 18k white gold and decorated by dazzling tiny diamonds and three magical black jade. This piece is beyond elegant.

Roberto Coin Bracelets

18k Gold Primavera Bangle Set

From the Primavera Collection, this beautiful work of art is crafted with a blend of 18k rose, yellow, and white gold. It also features diamond stations at strategic points. This is definitely a luxurious collector’s item for the sophisticated lady.

Roberto Coin Bracelets are a Generous Gift

Roberto Coin bracelets are timeless and versatile. They make ideal gifts for the deserving women in your life. Mother, daughter, best friend- there are Roberto Coin bracelets for every style and taste. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, too!

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