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Luxury Earrings for the Luxurious Woman

Adorn yourself with the gemstones and precious metals of luxury earrings by top designers.  With different styles to satisfy your taste, you are sure to find what you’re looking for right here.

Luxury EarringsThe Perfectly Shaped Luxury Earring

If diamonds are a woman’s best friend- gold and silver being the next best thing- then you’ve got a ton of friend-worthy options right here! Our collection of luxury earrings provides an overabundance of earring styles fit for a woman of good taste. If you’ve been looking for a perfect pair, or you’ve got a specific type in mind, here you’re open to finding a variety of gorgeous styles.

Luxury Drop Earrings

Luxury Earrings

This pair of Madison L earrings is one of many styles of drop earrings. These are designed with large oval cut Onyx gemstones, trimmed with 14k yellow gold, and delicately framed with diamonds.

Luxury Earrings

These Luxury Drop earrings designed by Casato are made from elegant White Gold and Pave diamonds, beautifully crafted as a feather shape and preciously designed.

Luxury Earrings

These uniquely shaped drop earrings are made of 14k White Gold, with a large Opal gemstone centering the design, with an array of diamond gems creating a feather-like silhouette. These fun and fancy luxury earrings are exclusively designed by Bernie Robbins.

Luxury Earrings as Studs

Just as there was a wide selection to browse through for the luxury drop earrings, Bernie Robbins Jewelers also has an impressive assortment of stud earrings.

Luxury Earrings

The Transcend Dream designed by Hearts on Fire is a luxury pair of stud earrings in 18k White Gold. The luminescent diamonds are beautifully circumscribed by even more diamonds.

Luxury EarringsThese disk style stud earrings, designed by Phillips House are made up of 14k yellow gold, glinting with beautiful black diamonds. This style is also available in White Diamonds.

Luxury Hoop Earrings

There is plenty of room for creativity when it comes to hoop style luxury earrings. While searching through Bernie Robbins’ collection of Luxury Hoop earrings, you may find:

Luxury Earrings

These polished teardrop shaped luxury hoops earrings, are made up of 18k Yellow Gold and are certain to indulge your appetite of luxury jewelry, not to mention compliment any style of clothing, being casual, classy, and elegant.

Luxury Earrings

Honora Pearls created a Sterling Silver half-hoop style luxury earring made with Fresh Water Cultured Pearls and white gold beaded accents.  

Luxury Earrings This style of hoop earrings are made of 18k White Gold with diamonds lining the thin interior and exterior, made by Roberto Coin, The only brand to be named, “perfect diamond hoop,” you can choose a size from Xsmall 22mm to XXLarge 55mm hoop earrings.

What Luxury Earrings are made of

The precious metals

The most commonly used precious metals for luxury earrings sold at Bernie Robbins are as follows:

  1. Platinum  
  2. White Gold
  3. Yellow Gold
  4. Rose Gold and Mixed Metals

With gold being one of the most sought after metals of this world, top designers work with gold to create bracelets, rings, and luxury earrings to complete any outfit, and Bernie Robbins selects the best of the best for their stores.

Diamonds and Other Precious Gemstones

The most popular types of gemstones used for designing luxury earrings are diamonds and pearls. The options are numerous if you’re looking for something different. You will find earrings featuring Carnelian or Opal gems, Sapphires or Emeralds. You might prefer to wear your birthstone. You might choose a gemstone that’s your favorite color. There is an endless palette of colors and natural features you will find with an array of precious gemstones.

Top Designers of Luxury Earrings

Luxury jewelry shoppers usually have a favorite designer- someone who provides the jewelry of their taste. If you don’t have a particular brand in mind, consider looking at luxury earrings made by some of the best jewelry designers.

Here are some of the biggest names in designer jewelry today:


  • Hearts on Fire has some of the most brilliant pairs of luxury diamond earrings available.
  • Ivanka Trump is a name that’s gaining popularity for her creative luxury earring designs.


Complete the look with Luxury Earrings

Someone will always notice the shine when you’re wearing a pair of earrings from Bernie Robbins Jewelers. Whether your hair is up or down, long or short, complete your look with the perfect pair of luxury earrings!

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