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Gold Engagement Rings

Gold is universally embraced as a symbol of wealth and purity. It even has spiritual meaning, as many believe the streets of heaven are made of gold. It’s no surprise that gold engagement rings are by far the most popular choice for a bride today.

Gold Engagement RingsAbout Gold Engagement Rings

  • There is a major learning curve to working in pure 24K gold- it’s rarely done successfully. Only the most skillful designers can create gold engagement rings from the pure form of the metal. Pure gold is soft, so an alloy is usually added to strengthen the gold and make it malleable. Using alloyed gold is standard practice for gold fashion rings, as well.
  • Alloyed gold engagement rings are strong and can last for generations as an heirloom. Alloy metals like copper, nickel, silver and zinc are added to the pure gold in different quantities. This allows the designer to play around with colors and tints. Alloys change the color of yellow gold, offering new metals like rose gold, white gold, and a variety of other colors, too.
  • Fine quality 14K and 18K yellow gold has the same warm luster as pure gold. Yellow gold is the traditional choice for engagement rings, but white gold is the most popular choice for modern brides.
  • Gold does not react with many other chemicals, so it will not tarnish like silver can or rust like iron can.
  • Using pure 24K gold is most commonly practiced in India, but even India-based jewelry designers prefer allowed gold when making engagement rings and wedding bands. 18K and 14K gold are considered ideal for making beautiful, durable gold engagement rings.
  • If you insist on buying a 24K pure gold engagement ring, you can get one- but you’ll have to know where to look. Pure gold is the soft and easily scratched and dented. Pure gold is also more expensive than alloyed gold. If you’re set on buying pure gold jewelry, you should look into Gurhan jewelry– the name famously associated with pure gold jewelry making.
  • Gold engagement rings appeal to a broad market because the pricing varies a great deal, and can suit any budget. A 14K yellow gold engagement ring costs less than 18K or 24K, but often these settings are just as beautiful.

Five Styles of Gold Engagement Rings

There is so much variety in the styles and settings you’ll find of gold engagement rings. Some brides like plain and simple settings to put attention on a brilliant diamond. Others prefer lots of details like etching and scrollwork on the band. Check out five styles of gold engagement rings:

1. Halo Gold Engagement Ring:

Michael B. Gold Quintessa

Gold Engagement Rings

A halo design spotlights the center diamond by surrounding it with a circle of smaller, usually pave set, gemstones. The reflection of the small diamonds creates the illusion of a larger center stone. Large diamonds look larger and small diamonds look up to a half-carat bigger in a halo ring. 

Simon G. Passion Collection piece

Gold Engagement Rings

Brilliant contemporary halo setting with glistening round cut white diamonds.

A. Jaffe Halo Engagement Ring

Gold Engagement Rings

Gold and Pave Diamond Swirl Bypass Halo Engagement Ring Presents Multi-Directional Sparkle

2. Solitaire Gold Engagement Ring:

Hearts On Fire Insignia Solitaire Ring

Gold Engagement Rings

One of the most popular engagement ring designs is the solitaire. One perfect diamond set with four prongs- six prongs, if it’s a large diamond. No distractions. 

Gabriel & Co. Solitaire Diamond

Gold Engagement Rings

Elegantly Simple Contemporary Solitaire Knife Edge

Michael M. Solitaire Diamond

Gold Engagement Rings

Romantic Curved Shoulder Diamond Bands Engagement Ring  

3. Princess Cut Gold Engagement Ring:

Michael M. Princess Cut and Pave Diamond

Gold Engagement Rings

Sometimes called a square modified brilliant, the Princess shape is square or rectangular set to open four beveled sides. The diamond is held high to expose as much light as possible. This makes the diamond sparkle.

Katharine James Bella’s Love Princess Cut

Gold Engagement Rings

An Intricate Path of Diamonds Weaving Toward the Pinnacle.

Verragio Insignia Collection piece

Gold Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Engagement Ring Mounting Lifts the Center Diamond High 

4. Emerald Cut Gold Engagement Ring:

Bernie Robbins Emerald Cut

Gold Engagement Rings

An emerald setting holds an oblong stone with a large table surface. Corner prongs are used to hold the step cut stone into place. What this setting lacks in light-catching facets, it makes up for with a larger table.

ArtCarved Velma Ring

Gold Engagement Rings

From the Vintage Collection, the Velma Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Emerald Cut Diamond, Diamond Shank Scrollwork Filigree and Hand Milgrain is exquisite.

Michael B. Emerald Cut Ring

This Michael B. Engagement Classic Emerald Cut Riviera is Reminiscent of Fine Estate Jewelry.

5. Side Stone Gold Engagement Ring:

Verragio Parisian Engagement Ring

Gold Engagement Rings

Side stones enhance the center stone. If the side stone is a diamond, the center diamond will look larger. If another precious gem is used, the color draws the eye to the center. The setting for the side stones will be individual prongs or bezel. 

Hearts On Fire Destiny Ring

Gold Engagement Rings

Large Center Diamond With Smaller Side Diamonds Create A Marquise Shape

Scott Kay Heaven’s Gates piece

Gold Engagement Rings

Gold Heavens Gates Mounting With Halo’s on Side Stones and Center Stone.

Gold Engagement Rings

Gold and diamonds are synonymous with love and marriage, and they come in all shapes and sizes. When you’re shopping for gold engagement rings, you’re looking to put a sparkle in her eye with a perfectly selected piece – a valuable one to remind her of your love, and a durable one to stand the test of time.

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