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Roberto Coin Rings: Stamped with a Ruby

Roberto Coin rings come in a variety of styles for a vast range of women, to cover the evolution of feminine style. From chunky gold bands to dainty diamond settings, there are Roberto Coin rings to please virtually every woman, and each one is specially stamped with a real ruby.

Roberto Coin Signature

Italian designer Roberto Coin uses an interesting mix of metals and gemstones to craft pieces that are intended to echo the female voice.

Among his fine jewelry collections are Appassionata, Art Nouveau, Bollicine, Black Jade, Classic Diamond, Cocktail, Designer gold, Fantasia, Garden, Pois Moi, and Shanghai, just to name a few. Roberto Coin rings are valuable and highly desired, as well as his bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants.

Birthplace of Roberto Coin rings

While Roberto Coin’s collections have changed over the decades, his Italian roots consistently have remained a strong inspiration for his pieces. The town of Vincenza, Italy, appropriately known as the “The City of Gold” is the birthplace of the Roberto Coin brand. This North Eastern Italian city was officially named by UNESCO as a world heritage place in 1994.

Since The City of Gold has provided a wealth of inspiration for Roberto Coin, the name is carved into each piece of Roberto Coin jewelry- even something as small as a ring- to honor the beautiful Italian city of Vincenza.

Stamped with a Ruby

Roberto Coin is passionate about making customers feel special and highly treasured. A small design detail that has become synonymous with Roberto Coin rings and jewelry is the hidden ruby that is placed on the underside of the jewelry. The ruby is thought to bring an aura of peace, longevity, and happiness. Roberto Coin includes a real ruby in a discreet part of every piece, so the ruby is worn against the skin to enrich the life of the wearer. Looking for the hidden ruby has become a cherished part of receiving a Roberto Coin piece.

This signature feature is Roberto Coin puts his stamp of approval on every single item. Roberto understands that it’s hard to keep things personal while rising to a level of global success. With this extra ruby, he’s saying thank you to every customer wearing Roberto Coin rings. The art of gratitude is an important value to Robert Coin. Incorporating personal gestures to demonstrate appreciation is vital to the culture of his luxury jewelry company.

Who’s Wearing Roberto Coin Jewelry

If you’re wondering how Roberto Coin ranks in the elite celebrity circles, you won’t have to look far. Many of the most fashionably influential A-list celebs have been seen publicly wearing Roberto Coin rings and other pieces from his collections. A few names you should recognize are Kristen Stewart, Jessica Alba, Katherine Heigl, and Melissa Etheridge. Actress Blake Lively who starred as Serena in the CW’s hit show was wearing Roberto Coin rings and earrings in a few episodes of Gossip Girl. Roberto Coin rings are not just for Manhattan’s upper class, either. Just check out the celebrities in Roberto Coin’s Pinterest account and you’ll see over a thousand images of beautifully talented ladies from all around the world wearing Roberto Coin.

5 Types of Roberto Coin Rings

1. Roberto Coin Ring with Diamonds

Roberto Coin Rings

Be bold and unexpected with this asymmetrical 18k yellow Gold Roberto Coin Ring with diamonds from the Golden Gate Collection.

2. Art Deco Ring with Diamonds and Black Jade

Roberto Coin Rings

Show your mood and mystery with this double-banded Art Deco Ring with Diamonds and Black Jade.

3. Cross Ring with Diamonds

Roberto Coin Rings

Be centered and connected with this classic 18k white gold Cross Ring with Diamonds from the Pois Mois collection.

4. Classic Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds

Roberto Coin Rings

Show your royal side with this square shaped 18k yellow or white gold ring with studs and diamonds from the Pois Moi Collection.

5. Two Row Square Ring with Diamonds

Roberto Coin Rings

Reach for decadence with this 2 Row Square Ring with Diamonds from the Pois Moi Collection, which comes in rose, white, yellow or gold with white diamonds.

Roberto Coin Rings

Roberto Coin has been making a name for his modern luxury jewelry brand for over twenty years. Whether you’re shopping for Roberto Coin rings or some of his other pieces, it’s easy to see that Roberto Coin jewelry is worth every penny!

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