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Get a Hold of a Prong Setting Engagement Ring

A prong setting engagement ring is arguably the most common settings for diamonds- especially in bridal jewelry. Learn the different types of prong setting engagement rings before you settle on one!

prong setting engagement ringWhat Exactly is a Prong Setting Engagement Ring?

Prongs are tiny metal bars or claws that hold a gem in place. One of the advantages of prong settings is that the gem can be suspended above the band, allowing the maximum amount of light to pass through. Since the beauty of a diamond is all light related – sparkle, color, light refraction and reflection – prong settings bring out the greatest potential in a jewel.

One disadvantage of prong settings is that they easily snag on clothing and can get bumped and bent on things, especially if they are poor quality. High positioned settings may expose the gemstone to things that will scratch its surface. Over time, the prongs can weaken, risking the loss of the precious stone.

If you are looking into a prong setting engagement ring, quality should be a top priority. If you have an active lifestyle, you will be better off with a low setting as opposed to a high one. Regular maintenance will ensure that your prongs stay strong and your jewel is safe.

Prong Setting Engagement Ring

Verragio Paradiso Engagement Ring 3001R

4 Prong vs. 6 Prong Setting Engagement Ring

Basically, there’s no hard and fast rule that 4 prongs are better than 6, or vice versa. Which setting is best for you depends on your individual ring.

4 Prong setting engagement rings:

  • Cover the least amount of space on the diamond, allowing maximum light passage and maximum exposed diamond face
  • Diamonds appear larger than diamonds held in 6 prong settings.
  • The 2 prongs on either side will give the setting a visual square-like shape. This will enhance a square cut diamond.

Enticement Dream Engagement Ring by Hearts On Fire

Prong setting engagement ring

Also keep in mind that 4 prong settings are less secure than 6 prong settings. There is slightly more risk of losing your diamond if the prongs have weakened and you lead an active life-style. So, if you work with your hands a lot or you play sports, a 6 prong setting will be a safer choice!

6 Prong setting engagement rings:

  • 6 prong settings are 20% more secure than 4 prong settings! The more prongs are clutching onto that precious diamond, the safer the diamond is.
  • If you have a round center gem, 6 prongs will visually enhance the shape and cut.

Just remember that 6 prongs take up more space on the diamond face, limiting the amount of light that can pass through. Also, the increased amount of metal can make the diamond appear darker and more submerged, and will easily overpower a smaller diamond

Top 7 Prong Setting Engagement Rings

Let’s take a look at some real stunners among prong setting engagement rings. Here are seven of the most interesting and gorgeous styles around!

prong setting engagement rings

1. Verragio Insignia Engagement Ring

The Verragio Collections definitely include some of my personal favorites among prong settings, with their delicate lace motifs and evocative vintage gracefulness. The Verragio Insignia Engagement Ring is an example of a high prong setting that suspends the diamond above a center interlaced with jewel-studded scrolls.

prong setting engagement rings

2. Katharine James Bella’s Love® Princess Cut Edition

The Katharine James Bella’s Love® Princess Cut Edition is another example of a brilliantly executed high prong setting. This gorgeous ring features a gem-set heading, which is shaped like an opening flower, leading down and around a glittering diamond paved split shank.

prong setting engagement rings

3. Hearts On Fire Simply Bridal Leaf Engagement Ring

The Hearts On Fire Simply Bridal Leaf Engagement Ring is an exquisite solitaire. Making the single gem the center of attention, this ring leaves the gleaming gold band exposed for admiration and beauty. It is your choice of rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

prong setting engagement rings

4. Hearts On Fire Optima Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Hearts On Fire Optima Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring solves the problem of 4 prongs looking too square-like on a round diamond with this highly imaginative gold halo style.

prong setting engagement ring

5. Dream Offset Signature Solitaire

Another way to deal with the square look is to turn it around and have a “diamond” shape! With this Dream Offset Signature Solitaire, Hearts on Fire has created a 4 prong setting that enriches the center diamond in an unusual way. It’s a whole mixture of classic tradition and daring modern that comes so easily and simply that it’s eye-catching!

prong setting engagement ring

6. Gabriel & Co. Bridal Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

For a 6 prong setting, check out the Gabriel & Co. Bridal Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring. You can see for yourself how 6 prongs can bring out the round cut of a large center diamond, making the diamond stand out from the gold band.

Prong setting engagement ring

7. Gabriel & Co.’s Bridal White Gold Bypass Solitaire

For a modern twist, Gabriel & Co.’s Bridal White Gold Bypass Solitaire offers an imaginative contemporary take on the ring band. 6 prongs hold the round-cut center diamond in place, augmenting its shape and giving it that “rays of light from all directions” look.

Choose your favorite Prong Setting Engagement Ring

Take your time to shop around and figure out what fits you the best. Decide on the size and cut of the diamond, and what your favorite style is. This ring is a symbol to remember what will be the happiest day of your life- you deserve the one that is absolutely perfect for you!

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