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Unique Engagement Rings for a Not-So-Typical Bride

 If your dream of your future wedding looks more like an upscale reflection of you and less like a traditional wedding, you’re far from ordinary. Your engagement ring should fit your unique personality. A typical ring won’t do because you’re one fierce bride-to-be!

Break tradition with a unique engagement ringUnique Engagement Rings for a Not-So-Typical Bride

We both know that being a trendsetter and wearing bold designs is not for everyone.

Many brides are drawn to traditional looks because it’s what their mothers and grandmothers did. It’s easy to wear classic pieces, but you can get away with sourcing the creative side of bridal fashion.

Your engagement ring obviously must fit your finger but it should also fit your style. A unique engagement ring will suit you best so make sure your sweetie has a good understanding of your taste (or better yet, send a bit of help his way)

Personal style over classic design

Is your man planning to pop the question? If you’ve been discussing marriage or he’s dropping hints, that means it’s time to look for the right engagement ring.

Picking an engagement ring for a perfectly unique woman is a big job. Do you think he could pick out a unique engagement ring that’s appropriate for you? If not, consider giving some hints to help him out. You could show him photos of rings that you like or visit a jewelry store together so he can observe your reactions.

Some couples decide to purchase an engagement ring together. This is the great approach (if you don’t mind sacrificing the element of surprise) because you’ll avoid the risk of having to exchange the ring for a different size or style.

Unique Engagement Rings for a Not-So-Typical Bride

FPO engagement rings serve as placeholders

The average man will usually struggle to pick out clothing and jewelry for the lady in his life. He probably doesn’t pay attention to sizes and he sees you as a proportionate, attractive woman who could literally wear anything! He’s more likely to solicit help from a salesperson than rely on his own ability to pinpoint your unique taste.

FPO rings (For Placement Only) are becoming increasingly popular. Grooms can present an FPO ring during the marriage proposal. Once you say “yes!” you will plan a jewelry store visit to pick a unique engagement ring. This is a nice exercise for a newly engaged couple because you’ll work together to make this important purchase.

Unique Engagement Rings for a Not-So-Typical BrideFind a unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring

So, you’re curious about what unique engagement rings exist for a not-so-typical bride-to-be. Keep an open mind while exploring your options to see which ring speaks to you and best represents your style. After all, you’ll be admiring this ring on your finger every day so make sure it’s the right one!

Custom-made engagement rings

Nothing says unique like a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. If money is no object, you’ll have endless possibilities with the metals and gems you incorporate in your ring design.

Even on a budget, you can uniquely customize your engagement ring. Select the metal and stones and get a special engraving to make it your own! You will treasure your custom-made ring and the memories you made while creating your unique design.

Unique Engagement Rings for a Not-So-Typical Bride

 Homemade engagement rings

Before laughing off the idea of your Fiancé crafting a ring with his hands, acknowledge the romance and charm of a homemade ring. Albeit risky, once in a while a brave man will take the road less travelled to create an engagement ring for his unique soul mate.

Without question, homemade engagement rings are definitely unique. The trouble is that a homemade ring can easily miss the mark and might confuse a bride who’s not expecting this unusual offering.

Homemade engagement rings are less durable than those crafted by a jeweler (unless the unique engagement ring was made out of a quarter)! When your creative admirer gives you a homemade ring, it’s best to treat it as an FPO ring. Make a keepsake of it once you get a ring that can handle daily wear and tear. When you pick out your real engagement ring at the jewelry store, try to find one with a matching element to represent the unique ring that your loving man created.

If the idea of a homemade ring sounds sappy to you (and your fiancée can barely glue paper let alone design a ring) please read on for unique designer engagement rings…

Unusual designer engagement rings

Color is completely at your disposal when choosing a unique engagement ring!

You can find a ring with mixed metals like this unique two-shaded engagement ring for unexpected color and versatility. You can pick one with sapphires tucked into the band or a large yellow diamond solitaire for an unordinary pop of color.

There are different shapes besides the traditional round setting. You can choose from unique engagement rings that come in teardrop shapes, sculpted rosebuds, lattice styles, and braided 3-dimensional designs. Rows of diamonds to create a square or a large sphere can be uniquely eye catching.

Unique Engagement Rings for a Not-So-Typical Bride


Choose an engagement ring to reflect your unique style

Ultimately, you should pick the engagement ring that you fall in love with at first sight.

When you have a unique style, it can be tough to find pieces that really speak to you. Shop around until you discover a unique engagement ring that reflects your style and personality. Once you find it, you can probably design your entire ceremony around it. Be inspired and have fun with it, because you can totally pull this off!