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Bernie Robbins & Hearts on Fire

50 Years In The Business

When it comes to the jewelry industry, there is much to do about stones & precious metals. What goes unseen is, jewelry is as much about long-lasting relationships, oftentimes those spanning generations, as it is about the various metals and stones. This fundamental fact about jewelry culture is deeply rooted within our own story. Through the years, Bernie Robbins has worked with small companies that rose to industry juggernauts and seen storied brands weather economic crisis. Over 50 years in the business has produced a lot of stories, and today, we wanted to delve into one of our favorites; the relationship between Bernie Robbins & Hearts on Fire.


Glenn Rothman (CEO of Hearts on Fire) & Harvey Rovinsky (Owner & President of Bernie Robbins)

Our Story with Hearts on Fire

The story, as told by Harvey Rovinsky (owner & President of Bernie Robbins), goes something like this: 20 years ago, our diamond buyer at the time had heard whispers around the industry of a diamond cut so perfectly it would change the market forever. In this moment of peaked curiosity, he procured one and sent it to our flagship store in Somers Point, NJ. Our owner, Harvey was impressed by it’s brilliance but had doubts that it could ever sell. His incredulous nature was due to people’s’ obsession with size over beauty and their perception of value based accordingly. Well, the diamond sold the very next day.

It became clear that customers also appreciated the brilliance and intensity of a HOF diamond. So Harvey met with the CEO of HOF, Glenn Rothman with the intentions of negotiating. Through the hours of inspecting and discussions, Glenn didn’t deviate. He explained to Harvey that his refusal to budge was because he was offering something no one had done prior; he was offering a diamond brand. A brand is not just a company selling a product. A brand is a culture backed by consistency in quality, pricing, image, and mission. Harvey was astounded and it began what is now a 20 year friendship & business relationship.

Fast forward to 2016, Glenn’s promise of offering a diamond brand has remained steadfast and now Hearts on Fire is the most important diamond brand in the world. Their diamonds offer unmatched beauty, intensity, and brightness. They never veer from their mission of offering the world’s most perfectly cut diamond, and their culture is unmatched in the jewelry world. It is a brand likely to never be duplicated and we are proud to have carried them since the very beginning.


We caught up with Glenn & Susan Rothman at this year’s COUTURE show to talk about HOF + BR.


 Hearts on Fire is more of a family to us than a company. We have maintained our long-lasting and fruitful relationship at the highest degree and we are pleased to be introducing our latest Hearts on Fire Boutique in our Marlton location. “It is the most comfortable and relaxing way to view the world’s most perfectly cut diamond.” -Harvey Rovinsky

When you get the opportunity to see these diamonds in person, make sure to ask our sales people to demonstrate the unique beauty offered by HOF.


Stay fearless & until next time thanks for reading!

Peter Salerno

Lead Blogger

HQ- Somers Point


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