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Weekly Movements: Brand Knowledge – Tag Heuer

A Modern Brand: When I left the outdoor industry and entered into the timepiece and fine jewelry business I was taken back by the adversity to digital platforms and anything considered non traditional media. If you didn’t know this already let me clue you into the watch and jewelry industry… It is old, the advent Read more

Weekly Movements: Baume et Mercier Clifton

Baume et Mercier a Maison D’ Horlogerie (House of Watchmaking) since 1830. Baume et Mercier offers a collection of watches steeped in the classic french, “Je ne sais quois.*” Their designs are for the watch purist; thoughtful, classic styles combined with Swiss made goodness and a striking finish. I’ve been eyeing up Baume’s Clifton Complete Read more

Bernie Robbins & Hearts on Fire

50 Years In The Business When it comes to the jewelry industry, there is much to do about stones & precious metals. What goes unseen is, jewelry is as much about long-lasting relationships, oftentimes those spanning generations, as it is about the various metals and stones. This fundamental fact about jewelry culture is deeply rooted within Read more

GIA’s Diamond Buying Tips

Diamond Buying Tips A pair of diamond earrings are a classic gift to mark a special occasion.   Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts we use to mark the momentous occasions in our lives. It is an outward expression of what we mean to one another. Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries and other achievements Read more

Weekly Movements: Monsieur de Chanel

Monsieur pronounced Muh – syuh; for those of us who were busy rolling our r’s and more concerned with pronouncing “bueno” not “bon” in school; there is a full video on the proper pronunciation of Monsieur at the end of this article. (what a time to be alive) When translated to English, monsieur can be Read more

Weekly Movements: Luminox 4220 (Authorized for Navy Use)

What drives you to purchase a watch? It’s a question worth asking yourself. Newer buyers may be attracted primarily to looks, whereas seasoned gear heads might be interested in what’s underneath.  Those looking for something practical may consider comfort and durability for work, exercise, or both. However, what we are all seeking is a sound Read more

BR Luxury Diamonds

Bernie Now & Then: Still the Same Some would be surprised to hear; Bernie Robbins didn’t start out as a jewelry store.  There were days when a customer would be more likely to come to us for  a refrigerator than they would for beautiful diamonds.  However, two things have remained the same from that very Read more

Weekly Movements: Calibre de Cartier Diver

A brief departure from links and leather into the realm of rubber.   I always find myself steering clear of rubber straps, for reasons purely personal. Is it a vendetta? No. However, rubber typically doesn’t hold the same visual allure as a carefully crafted leather or metal band, to me.  Rubber is also the least Read more

Weekly Movements: Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Watch Out! If you are a nerd for all things mechanical, you will most likely discover the allure of a watch’s movement and when the inevitable lust for well-made timepieces sets in, you are, well…screwed.  Or at least, so you thought. There is a common misconception about quality Swiss watches with famous names which is Read more