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Luxury Earrings for the Luxurious Woman

Adorn yourself with the gemstones and precious metals of luxury earrings by top designers.  With different styles to satisfy your taste, you are sure to find what you’re looking for right here. The Perfectly Shaped Luxury Earring If diamonds are a woman’s best friend- gold and silver being the next best thing- then you’ve got Read more

Bright Side: Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Vibrant yellow diamonds are all the rage for a young bride to be. These amber-colored jewels are cheerful, fresh, and rare. Discover this major bridal trend and come over the bright side of yellow diamond engagement rings! Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings Make Us Happy Yellow is the color that represents happiness. This vivacious lemony color Read more

Diamond Earrings, The Old and The New

A luxurious pair of diamond earrings can instantly lift your mood. Earrings have been popular fashion accessories for thousands of years, and they’ve never gone out of style. A great pair of diamond earrings deserves to be in any woman’s armoire, ready to put an extra pep in her step. From Ear Plugs to Diamond Read more

Diamond Bracelets: Dress Up Your Wrists

Candlelight, soft music, and manicured hands placed gingerly on a linen-covered table set in crystal. Fancy dinners and special occasions are the perfect excuse to get all decked out. Dress up your wrists with these sparkly diamond bracelets, and get ready to steal the show! Diamond Bracelets for Night and Day Your go-to piece of Read more

Stand Out with Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow diamond engagement rings are found deep under the earth in a nitrogen-rich environment. The vibrant golden hue sets them apart from other bridal jewelry. Yellow diamond engagement rings are fresh and different, and every bit as valuable as white diamonds! Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings are Fresh Standard white diamonds are valued according to how Read more

Luxury Diamonds Say it Better

When it comes to jewelry, luxury diamonds speak volumes. These are the most highly desired gemstones in the world. Display your class, your taste, and – of course – even your relationship status with luxury diamond jewelry! What are Luxury Diamonds? Every diamond is beautiful in its own way… but all diamonds are certainly not Read more

Can You Rock It? Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Jewelry that was once considered “fringe” is now finally going mainstream! Black diamond engagement rings are no longer associated with witches, rock stars, and gothic brides. Luxury jewelry designers are reinventing this image, making these rare gemstones an increasingly popular choice among fashionable modern brides to be. Who is Wearing Black Diamond Engagement Rings? Black Read more

Bernie Robbins & Hearts on Fire

50 Years In The Business When it comes to the jewelry industry, there is much to do about stones & precious metals. What goes unseen is, jewelry is as much about long-lasting relationships, oftentimes those spanning generations, as it is about the various metals and stones. This fundamental fact about jewelry culture is deeply rooted within Read more

GIA’s Diamond Buying Tips

Diamond Buying Tips A pair of diamond earrings are a classic gift to mark a special occasion.   Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts we use to mark the momentous occasions in our lives. It is an outward expression of what we mean to one another. Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries and other achievements Read more

Modern Engagement Rings for Today’s Woman

Calling all new age, modern brides-to-be! If you’ve found your man and want to make it official, it’s time to start looking at rings. You KNOW what you like, but you’ve got to look through modern engagement rings for styles that fit you best! The Search for Modern Engagement Rings So much is changing in Read more