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John Hardy Earrings: Hear No Evil, Dream No Evil

Do you protect your mind and heart from negative energy and evil forces of nature? You can make a statement with John Hardy earrings, designed very much to look like dream catchers. Let only the good dreams through and remind yourself not to listen to anything that will bring you down or hold you back. Discover dream catcher earrings from the Naga Legends collection.  

The Legend of the Spider

woman-1149911_1280All of John Hardy’s luxury jewelry designs incorporate one of the diverse spiritual beliefs held by the people of Bali. From Hindus and Buddhists to Muslims and Christians, they all believe in the power of the spiritual world. Canadian designer John Hardy occasionally blends a touch of his own Canadian history and the ancient folklore of Native North American customs into his designs.

Native Americans have a deep reverence for different elements found in nature, and there are a number of spiritual beliefs tied to things like charms and symbols. The North American Ojibwa Tribe was one of those nations. This specific group of people believed in the Legend of the Spider, where a grandmother kept her grandson from crushing a spider that spun a web near his bed. According to the legend, this spider was so thankful that his life was spared so he taught the grandmother how to spin webs and hang them around the walls and ceiling. The circle framed spider webs were made and hung around homes ever since.

  John Hardy Earrings

John Hardy Naga Circle Earrings

Sterling silver drop earrings with 18k yellow gold dot detail. The circle and the web inside can be interpreted as a reference to the Legend of the Spider.

Only Good Dreams with John Hardy Earrings

The dreamcatcher is a well-known symbol that has a history of Native North American heritage. It began with a circle or oval because many culture-rich nations of native people acknowledged the circle as representative of strength and unity. Dream catchers are crafted out of leather and decorated with feathers and beads and hung in a bedroom to catch good dreams from the air.

The Native North Americans also believed the night is full of good and bad dreams. To protect the children from bad dreams they hung the webbed hoops, embellished with meaningful trinkets and feathers over the children’s beds so it would swing freely. Their belief is that the web allows good dreams through to the sleeping children, but not the bad dreams. Those would be trapped in the web until morning sun made them disappear.

John Hardy Earrings

John Hardy Naga Hoop Earrings

Large sterling silver hoop earrings with full closure and scallop design. The oval hung with ornamentation looks like a dream catcher, used for catching good dreams and avoiding the bad.

Channel your energy with the art of these John Hardy Earrings

The dream catcher and Legend of the Spider are just two stories told with ancient symbolism by creative artisans like John Hardy. You can take the designs for what they are and appreciate their beauty at face value, or explore the meaning behind each piece to fully appreciate the intended symbolism. These fine jewelry pieces are very special, and you can use them as a reminder to hear no evil and dream no evil. Channel your energy with John Hardy earrings!

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