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Tudor Timepieces: This is your time

If you want a luxury watch that is both classic and fashionable, discover the exquisite line of Tudor Timepieces. These timepieces are quite affordable compared to other luxury watches, and this brand is actually an extensive of the Rolex Company. It’s time to start shopping for a Tudor!

Tudor TimepiecesHistory of Tudor Timepieces

Like any other company of its kind, Tudor Timepieces have definitely come a long way since early watchmaking days. Tudor has seen its share of uncertainties and highs and lows. Nevertheless, with the changing times, this brand still managed to come out like a true champion.

The very first Tudor timepiece was created in 1970 was by the head designer of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. He intentionally launched this brand to offer a more affordable line of watches, for those customers who weren’t comfortable with the Rolex price tag. Wilsdorf’s first design for Tudor timepieces was named the Oysterdate. These watches featured a manually wound Valjoux and a cam mechanism chronograph. Tudor timepieces were made to be both functional and fashionable.

Tudor milestones over the years

In 1971, the second series of Oysterdates were introduced. With dials imitating that of the casino roulette wheels, this series was appropriately nicknamed “Montecarlo.”

1976 was indeed a big year for Tudor Timepieces since it saw the introduction of what is now a collector’s item. The Prince Oysterdates were the very first Tudor Timepieces with self-winding movements. The other features of this masterpiece are much similar to the previous collection; however, their cases had to be thicker to accommodate the self-winding action, earning the nickname of the “Big Block.”

The next series of Tudor Oysterdates were released in 1995. This series is an improvement from the previous self-winding chronograph. Some of the changes made were a new and more refined dial, silver and cream colored counters, the Plexiglas crystal was replaced with a sapphire crystal with Cyclops lens.

Several new collections of Tudor timepieces were launched in recent years, including the Tudor Heritage, Tudor North Flag, Tudor Pelagos, Tudor Style, and Tudor Glamour.

Signature Features of Tudor Timepieces

Appropriately called A Vintage Inspired Watch Family, Tudor timepieces make use of a marriage of classic styles with modern trends to create timeless pieces that are breathtakingly beautiful. Here are some features that set the Tudor brand apart from other watch brands in the industry. The signature features listed below can be found on the latest model of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay, which draws most of its features from past models.

  • Big Crown and Snowflake Hands

The big winding crown is no stranger to the Tudor family, since the invention of the “Big crown” back in 1958. The snowflake hands have also been around for quite some time. They were borrowed from the style of Tudor watches that were used by French National Navy back in the 1970’s.

  • Steel Bracelet or Leather Straps and Signature Straps

You have the choice of sporting a steel bracelet, an aged leather strap, or a fabric strap. The steel bracelet has borrowed inspiration from the riveted bracelets that were available back in the 50’s and 60’s. The Signature strap is created through a centuries old French technique called Jacquard.

  • Manufacture Tudor Movement

In 2015, Tudor Timepieces made history by releasing the first ever mechanical movement timepiece to be fully assembled and manufactured in-house. The Tudor MT560 has 70 hours of power reserves. It beats at the frequency of 28 800 beats per hour. This movement is fully certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

Tudor timepieces have an excellent reputation

Because of their classic beauty together with their modern personality, Tudor timepieces have become a brand fit for legends and celebrities. Even the most affluent shoppers, who could easily afford to purchase a Rolex, have been known to choose Tudor timepieces and flaunt them in at photo shoots at red carpet events, and sometimes even in movies.

Preferred by Celebrities

Here are five famous people who are proud owners of their very own Tudor timepieces:

  • Will Smith
  • Tom Cruise (seen wearing a Tudor timepiece in hit movie, Mission Impossible 4)
  • Jensen Ackles
  • Tiger Woods
  • Robert Griffin III

3 Bragworthy Facts about Tudor

  1. Recognized for their resilience and brilliant efficiency, Tudor timepieces were officially chosen by the US Navy for issue to the US Navy Seals.
  2. The Tudor Black Bay won the GPHG Revival Prize and was named “the best watch to offer a contemporary interpretation of a classic model.”
  3. CNN Style ranked The Tudor Black Bay 36mm for its clean, timeless simplicity in Baselworld 2016, along with four other “show stopping pieces from the world’s best watch fair.”

Tudor Timepieces: Worth Every Penny

Next you feel like celebrating an accomplishment or just treating yourself to something worth it, feel free to choose a timepiece from the Tudor family. They are exquisite as well as they are resilient; timeless and yet still trendy. An additional bonus is the fact that these exquisite work of art are quite affordable compared to other watch brands of similar rankings.

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