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Eternity Setting Engagement Rings

Fall in love with eternity setting engagement rings. True to the name, the eternity ring is a style that you will absolutely love forever! Simple and eye-catching, these rings never go out of style.

Eternity Setting engagement ringsEternity Setting Engagement Rings are timeless

The eternity setting engagement ring is the unbroken circular symbol of eternal love. The basic design of an eternity ring has stayed the same for thousands of years. Early Egyptians used circular metal set with stones to commemorate eternal love. Your wedding day only lasts one day, but your engagement ring and wedding band will remind you of this magical day every day for the rest of your life.

Time-tested materials

Engagement rings symbolize a public pledge to honor a promise. You may be drawn to eternity setting engagement rings to symbolize your unending love and continuous commitment. Precious metals are used because they are strong and beautiful. Most people choose luxury diamonds for their eternity setting engagement rings because they complete the story of eternal love. Diamonds have become a symbol of love, because they are strong enough to endure most anything. However, there are no rules! If you want diamonds and sapphires or all emeralds, you can get creative with the gemstones in your ring.

You can expect the gold and diamonds in your ring to last a lifetime. A quality-made eternity engagement ring will stand up to the test of time.

The eternity ring style

Unlike traditional engagement rings, eternity bands are set with diamonds or other gemstones spaced out evenly all around the band or partly around the band. There is no center stone on eternity setting engagement rings.

Depending on the setting, you may prefer an eternity ring with diamonds or other gemstones only on the top instead of all the way around the band. Some find the partial setting more comfortable.

The stones in an eternity ring do not have to be tiny. Larger stones are set beautifully in an appropriate setting. For instance, emerald cut diamonds in a bar setting makes an excellent combination.

Five Settings for Eternity Rings

The eternity ring is not just a setting- it is a ring design. There are five settings used for eternity bands:

  • Prong:     Four or six prongs hold the diamond in place.
  • Channel: Several smaller diamonds grooved in a row into the ring metal band.
  • Bar:         Diamonds are held in place by tiny metal bars, perpendicular to the ring band.
  • Bezel:      A metal rim surrounds the diamond on all sides.
  • Flush:     Gemstones align with the surface of the ring metal and appear recessed.

With diamonds set all around the band, eternity setting engagement rings sparkle from all angles. Each time you catch a flash from your ring you’ll be happily reminded of your loving relationship.

Eternity Rings are appropriate for many occasions

While eternity bands have symbolized eternal love for thousands of years, modern eternity rings are popular as gifts for other special occasions. It’s easy to wear eternity rings. They stack nicely on the ring finger along with engagement rings and wedding bands.

Ring stacking is a popular jewelry trend. An eternity engagement ring stacked with an eternity wedding ring for an all around flash of brilliance has become the trend. With most eternity rings the setting is low, so the ring does not snag fabrics.

In the 1960’s, as the result of a diamond deal with the Russians, the famous DeBeers Diamond Conglomerate found themselves with a stockpile of diamonds under.25 carats. Using the channel setting, they created and promoted diamond eternity rings.

One row for each memory

The DeBeer rings became popular as gifts to older women to mark a milestone of the husband’s success. In the past, they were also used to celebrate wedding anniversaries. The idea caught on and it became a symbol to mark any anniversary, the birth of a child, or any event significant to the married couple.

Eternity ring designers have created such extraordinary and exquisite eternity rings that today’s bride could not overlook them as engagement rings. They are taken with the diamond-encrusted look over the traditional single large diamond.

Looking forward, they can continue to stack artful eternity rings to commemorate the big moments that began with one eternity engagement ring and one eternal promise.

Beautiful Eternity Setting Engagement Rings

Contemporary Prong Set Diamond Eternity Band

Art Carved Design

Open braid and milgrain detail with prong set diamonds totaling ½ ct. Beautiful rose gold setting is available in white or yellow gold.

Eternity Setting Engagement Rings

Pave Set Diamond Eternity Band With Milgrain

Art Carved Design

Diamond encrusted contemporary eternity setting engagement ring. ¾ carat diamond weight in white or yellow gold.

Eternity Setting Engagement Rings
Three Row Channel Pave Ring

Michael M. Design

Three row channel setting in 18k yellow gold with pave diamonds. 0.56ct diamond weight.

Eternity setting engagement ringsRound and Baguette Diamonds

Gabriel & Co. Design

One row of alternating round and baguette bezel-set diamonds. 14k white gold.

Eternity Setting Engagement Rings

Different Brides prefer Eternity Setting Engagement Rings

Traditional engagement rings with a large center stone are the normal way to go. However, some brides are drawn to something different and more meaningful. Eternity setting engagement rings by top jewelry designers may be just what you have been looking for.

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