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Gabriel Wedding Bands: Fall In Love

Buying a wedding band is a big deal. Gabriel & Co. understands the honor of earning a place on your finger. Your relationship deserves to be properly represented. Browse the selection of Gabriel wedding bands and you’ll find yourself falling in love again!

Gabriel Wedding BandsGabriel Wedding Bands are Special

The brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel took their family business to the next level in the 1980’s. They shared a vision for launching a company that would fully appreciates the meaning behind bridal jewelry. At Gabriel & Co. they understand that luxury rings mark milestones, celebrate relationships, and represent true love. These rings must be an outward sign of what is inside the heart.

Gabriel wedding bands offer something special, but it’s hard to put a finger on it. Each ring is created to express the truest feelings of love. Nothing short of creative inspiration, care to detail, and quality materials are ever used for Gabriel wedding bands and engagement rings. This is something you can feel.

Gabriel wedding bands of every style all share these common elements:

  • Maximum quality of diamonds
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Meticulous attention to details
  • Unique, distinctive designs
  • Delicate beauty
  • Traditional and contemporary styles for every prospective bride

8 Types of Gabriel Bridal Jewelry

There are as many styles of Gabriel wedding bands as there are types of women in the world. Different features, moods, designs, and colors help to set one ring apart from another. There is a Gabriel wedding band and engagement ring to fit every bride- no matter the size of her finger or the shape of her personality! Whatever your style, you’ll see a Gabriel ring for you.

1. Bridal White Gold Diamond Straight Wedding Band

Gabriel Wedding Bands

This simple but stunning Bridal White Gold Diamond Ring displays a 6 prong setting with a pave diamond silvery-white gold band. This style combines the time-honored concept of the wedding ring with a fancy 21st century update. This ring is neither vintage nor avant-garde, but rather a smooth transition from conventional to modern. It speaks of elegance, charm, and the timeless femininity that always beat in the heart of a beautiful bride.

2. Bridal Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Wedding Band

Gabriel Wedding Bands

A Victorian-reminiscent rectangular cut diamond is haloed in channel-set gems in this Gabriel Wedding Band Bridal Emerald Cut Diamond Halo. This dramatic ring makes a statement as soon as you enter the room, and the unusual shape of the center diamond draws eye. It’s the perfect ring for a spirited bride-to-be who has a flare for adventure and passion.

3. Bridal Diamond Channel Bypass

Gabriel Wedding Bands

This delicate and tantalizing Gabriel Diamond Channel Bypass combines beauty and whimsy. The center stone is accentuated by an innovative curve shaped diamond-decked band. The shank’s “arms” make this ring stunning and different. If you believe that your marriage is out of the ordinary, perhaps your ring should express your unusual and exciting love in a different sort of wedding band like this one.

4. Bridal Pave Diamond Halo with European Split Shank

Gabriel Wedding Bands

Marge Old World style with a New World ambience and you have the Pave Diamond Halo. With diamond glitz, a modern halo setting, and a bejeweled split band, this is an example of classy flair. Tiny prongs hold each diamond in place, while the center stone glistens from a circle of masterfully set miniature gems.

5. Bridal Diamond Pave Pear Shape Halo

Gabriel Wedding Band

Like an exquisite teardrop, this Gabriel Bridal Diamond Pave Pear Shape Halo is magnificent. What could be more feminine, graceful, and creative than this rather unusual pear-shaped center stone halo? Encircling a rare diamond, the style is evocative and moving. This ring transcends the ordinary, and reminds you to love with all your heart and soul.

Gabriel Wedding Bands Are Worth Falling in Love with

Few keepsakes from your wedding will last a lifetime. Cake gets eaten, guests go home, and flowers wilt. Your wedding band is one of the only material things that will stay as long as your love. Gabriel & Co. was built for such a time as this. With more than 8 collections, there is something for every kind of woman. There are 4 types of wedding bands, and a wide assortment of gorgeous ring jackets and Gabriel engagement rings. Celebrate your love with Gabriel bridal jewelry.

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