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Gabriel & Co. Jewelry

Gabriel & Co. jewelry places the focus on shimmering diamonds, gleaming gold work, and detail-heavy designs. Learn what makes Gabriel & Co. such a spectacular designer brand.

gabriel and co jewelryHistory of Gabriel & Co. Jewelry

It began in 1989, when two enterprising brothers, both sons of a master jeweler, decided that the jewelry industry needed more passion and feeling put into it.

Jack and Dominick Gabriel weren’t driven by the profits, as many jewelers seemed to be. Their desire was to excel at the art of making jewelry. Beauty, sentiment, and charm- these were the values behind Gabriel & Co. jewelry.

The brothers understood what jewelry really means. To the wearer, luxury jewelry is a way of marking the most stages in life; a way to celebrate the greatest joys; a way of beginning the most meaningful relationships. The Gabriel vision was to create jewelry that’s worthy of the honor of representing life’s most special moments.

The two brothers went forward with their mission, and today, Gabriel & Co. provides some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry around – to represent and celebrate your love, joy, marriage, and milestones.

The Value of Gabriel & Co. Jewelry

Beyond the background and values of the Gabriel & Co. jewelry business, there are plenty of tangible reasons to give priority to this luxury brand. Here are some things that customers look for when shopping luxury jewelry, and Gabriel & Co. jewelry does not disappoint!

Gabriel & Co. Twist White Gold Diamond Halo

  • Highest Quality Stones

We all know about the four C’s when it comes to shopping for gems: cut, color, carat, and clarity. At Gabriel & Co., only those stones with the purest color, maximum light refraction, and greatest clarity, will make the cut. Gabriel gemologists carefully inspect each stone before it can be accepted as fit for a ring, bracelet, earring, or necklace. The bridal jewelry by Gabriel & Co., and their collections of engagement rings, are worth every penny. Always consider the four C’s as you shop around.

  • Finest Cutting Techniques

The brilliance of a diamond depends on the skill and care of the jeweler who cuts it. It is only with a meticulous cut that the true heart of brilliance and sparkle is brought out by the light. While the naked eye can see which diamonds sparkle the best, a microscope does a better job to reveal the number of facets. You can count on this brand for top quality diamonds that are cut to maximize the natural refraction of light.

  • Individually Crafted Pieces

Each and every piece of jewelry by Gabriel & Co. is meticulously hand-made with the same love and care as if it were the main piece in the collection! Never rushed, never mass-produced, and always painstakingly melded to perfection. Each ring, bracelet, earring, and necklace is impeccably made.

  • Conflict-Free Diamonds

Gabriel & Co. is committed to making a difference worldwide through the ethical treatment of the diamond business. Gabriel & Co. adheres to the United Nation’s Kimberley Process, which outlines fair and ethical practices. Each gemstone comes with certification guaranteeing that it was mined from a conflict-free, no-war source.

gabriel & co. jewelry

Who is Wearing Gabriel Jewelry?

Every woman should feel accomplished and confident in Gabriel & Co. jewelry, but certain famous names specifically stand out. Gabriel jewelry has found a home in celebrity circles.

  • Miss Universe Gabriella Isler wore stunning golden dangle earrings with glittering diamond star studded designs from Gabriel & Co. during the US opening in 2014.
  • Actress Cynthia Nixon, from Sex in the City, sported an exquisite Gabriel & Co. ensemble of fine yellow gold and pristine diamonds, at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC in 2014.
  • Actress Holly Taylor glittered with Gabriel & Co. earrings, rings, and bracelets during the International Emmy Awards in 2016.
  • Gabriel & Co.’s delicately designed dangle earrings glinted from the ears of Kelli O’Hara, Downtown Abbey star, on PBS News in 2015.
  • Actress Selenis Leyva, starred in Orange is the New Black, showed off an impressive Gabriel & Co. collection of beautifully crafted, fine bracelets, rings, and earrings at the OITNB NYC Premiere in 2016. She clearly has a preference for Gabriel & Co. jewelry!
  • Ginger Zee, well known for the popular show, Good Morning America, has a wide selection of Gabriel & Co.’s most outstanding pieces.

What Does Gabriel Jewelry Mean for You?

Delicate and fine in detail, superior in craftsmanship, and exceptional in quality – there are so many reasons to choose Gabriel & Co. jewelry.

The most obvious feature of Gabriel & Co. jewelry is the marvelous attention to intricacy and artistic details. Each ring, bracelet, earring, and necklace has been individually made with care, uniqueness, and a passion for perfection.

You can tell that the designers at Gabriel & Co. are true artists who are pushing the envelope with their luxury jewelry designs. These 14k Yellow Gold Gemini Peek A Boo earrings are a great example of a creative new design.

Go with Gabriel & Co.

Gabriel & Co. jewelry stands for dedication and dependability, and you can be certain of the quality. Each piece is created with a commitment to excellence. Gabriel & Co. offers a wide selection of delightfully feminine, imaginatively designed, masterfully crafted jewelry. Go with Gabriel & Co. and you will be happy you did!

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  1. Gabriel and Co jewelry is one of my favorite jewelry designers.

  2. Gabriel and Co jewelry is so delicate and intricate. Their jewelry is like little works of art.

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