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Three stone Engagement Rings

Three is a symbolic number when it comes to relationship stages, faith, and growing a family! Honor your past, represent your present, and envision your future with three stone engagement rings.

three stone engagement ring proposalThree Stone Engagement Rings

Three (3) stone engagement rings are a version of side stone engagement rings. This particular style of ring is also known as the trilogy or trinity engagement ring. As the name suggests, this setting features an engagement ring with three (3) stones. It showcases a middle stone with one gemstone on each side. These gemstones can either be of the same size or different sizes; with the centre diamond being a little larger than the others.

Traditionally, a diamond is used as the center stone with two slightly smaller diamonds on either side. Interesting to note, is the fact that three stone engagement rings are not limited to having only three stones. Some designs include lots of smaller stones accenting to centerpiece or paving the band. These other stones shouldn’t away from the three stone setting, but rather add to the elegance and glamor of the masterpiece.

The chic trend of blending contrasting colors in luxury jewelry seems to be catching on. There are various gemstones besides diamonds that can be used for a three (3) stone engagement ring. The most popular choices for engagement rings are diamonds, and the sapphire and emerald come in close second. You can choose one accent color gemstone or put together a combination.

Whether you like the traditional style or want something whimsical and fun, three (3) stone engagement rings are valuable and classy.

Why you’d want three stones on your engagement ring

There are a few reasons for choosing a (3) stone engagement ring over the traditional solitaire setting, which features a single stone. While some brides choose this particular setting for its symbolism, others simply choose it for the glamor.

Here are some reasons why you’d want three stones on your engagement ring.

1. To signify the past, present and future

The (3) stone engagement rings are often used to tell the amazing story of the couple’s journey together. The center stone is used to represent the present, this stone is often more pronounced; while the stones on either side of the main stone represent the past and the future. By opting for the three (3) stone engagement ring, couples can readily look at the ring and recall the challenges and victories won in the past and gather strength for the present and future.

2. Religious association to the holy trinity  

For couples with religious roots, the three stone engagement rings may mean something very different. The trinity is the foundation of many Christian beliefs; hence Christian couples may choose this setting with three stones to represent God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is important in the Catholic faith, as well.

3. To represent you, your groom, and children now or later

For another bride to be, the three stone engagement rings may represent her family. One stone is the bride, one is the groom, and one represents children that you have together or will have in the future.

4. Because you want more sparkle!

The simplest reason to choose a three stone engagement ring is because three is better than one! You might just be the type of woman who says “more is more” and the idea of 3 diamonds draws you more than a standard ring. This setting will give you the opportunity to showcase not just one but three precious stones and allow you to have more bling on your ring!

Top picks for Three (3) Stone Engagement Rings

Here are stunning examples of three (3) stone engagement rings to get you started:

Hearts on Fire Signature Three (3) Stone Engagement Ring

three stone engagement rings

Creating the illusion of a horizontal teardrop, this Hearts on Fire work of art is the true representation of elegance and class. It features a majestic round cut diamond in the center with smaller diamonds on both sides. This stunning symbol of commitment is available in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Three Stone & French Paved Shank by Gabriel & Co.

three stone engagement rings

This breathtaking beauty by Gabriel & Co. is simply elegant. Its simplicity is enchanting. It features a stunning center stone with graduating diamonds complementing it. The amazing handcrafted band showcases a high level of intricacy.

Verragio Parisian Engagement Ring

three stone engagement rings

From the Parisian collection, this skillfully crafted masterpiece features a majestic round diamond with magical graduating sapphires. It is crafted from 18k white gold with rose gold accents. This dazzling treasure is also available in platinum.

Spice up things with a Three (3) Stone Engagement Ring

The three stone engagement rings have been growing in popularity because of their ability to signify and symbolize ideas that are of significance to the couple. Find your own reasons to use this setting to tell your unique story for many years to come.

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  1. Three stone engagement rings are my favorite style of engagement ring. There’s just something about the three big diamonds that looks great.

  2. I never really liked three stone engagement rings but seeing these i think I’m changing my mind. These rings are stunning.

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