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Marco Bicego Earrings: Candy for your Ears

Nothing gives you a polished look better than a perfect pair of earrings. If you could use a fun pair for work, or an elegant pair for an event, shop Marco Bicego earrings. This designer offers delicious looking jewelry for your ears- almost as good as candy!

Marco Bicego Earrings – Enchanting Styles to Choose From

Earrings are a great complement to a woman’s outfit and hairstyle, on any occasion. Whether it is a fancy gala or just a regular day, one pair of Marco Bicego earrings will put lend some sparkle to your eyes and give your look some extra polish.

If you are the type of woman that wants to make a statement and show your impeccable taste, it doesn’t get better than this. Whether you want a mature and rich look, or you prefer a playful and trendy one, you’ll fall in love with the earrings in these collections.

Here is a glimpse of the of styles you can find in Marco Bicego Earrings:

Jaipur Link 3/4 Hoop Earrings

These dramatic, 18k yellow gold 3/4 hoop earrings are designed for the modern, sophisticated woman. With a satin finish, this beautiful pair will add elegance in a playful and eye-catching way. They almost look like stretched pieces of taffy- only made from real gold and hardened to hold the unique shape.

Yellow Gold and Lapis Drop Earrings

Crafted from 18k yellow gold with blue Lapis, this incredible pair of Marco Bicego earrings is perfect for the office or for a dinner date. These earrings offer a spirit of power and professionalism, with a shiny, solid blue center that looks like a piece of hard candy.

Murano Graduated 4-Gemstone Earrings

These Marco Bicego earrings are reminiscent of colored sugar crystals; featuring garnet, blue topaz, amethyst and peridot beauties! These gorgeous earrings will brighten up and look, and pair up perfectly with a neutral outfit. Jewel tones are always in style.

Lunaria Earrings

This versatile pair of earrings is crafted with 18k yellow gold and white diamonds. It’s an elegant design, with pebble shapes delicately stacked in a short chain. These silver and gold earrings almost look like the edible metallic candy balls used to decorate the top of a fancy tiered cake. Just don’t eat them!

Murano Graduated Satin Finish Gold Earrings

When it comes to uniqueness, these satin finish gold earrings certainly stand out. The rounded square shapes of different sizes are lined up from biggest to smallest, almost as if we were lining up nibs of licorice in the desired order for eating. These earrings will go with anything you throw on- a smart addition to your candy jar… I mean, jewelry box…


  • All Marco Bicego earrings are created by hand, which gives them a natural look and a perfect finish that would not have been otherwise possible.
  • Each design features the marriage of ancient art with contemporary styles.

These earrings are all made from 18k gold and the finest quality of precious gems. You will also find fashion rings, necklaces, and bracelets by Marco Bicego made of these same top quality materials.

Marco Bicego Earrings for Everyday

From work to the red carpet, a fancy dinner to a weekend stroll, Marco Bicego earrings are bound to give you what you want! Choose some candy-coated designs from this diverse assortment of luxury jewelry for your ears.

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  1. My girl loves these earrings. Marco Bicego is an amazing earing designer.

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