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Marco Bicego Rings – Let your hands do the talking

Does your jewelry make a statement about who you are and what type of style you have? It should! The Marco Bicego rings that you wear should fit not only your fingers, but your life and your personality, too. Find rings that show who you are and let your hands do the talking!

marco-bicego-ringsMarco Bicego Rings say a lot about you

Marco Bicego is one of those brands that is hard to ignore. Synonymous with the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” sometimes what you are wearing can tell more about you in a single glance, than a lengthy introduction would.  In the same way, Marco Bicego rings can be used to speak of your social class, your personal taste, and even your current mood. There is so much personality put into these designs, so you have the job of pairing up the ones that are made for someone like you! Every detail and element in these Marco Bicego rings communicates something about the wearer. What are you trying to say by the jewelry that you wear on your fingers?

Shopping for Marco Bicego Rings

Since individuals are unique, the Marco Bicego brand offers an extensive collection of rings for every taste, class, and occasion. Here’s a sneak peek into what they have to offer.

Marco Bicego Rings

18k White Gold Split Ring with Diamonds

Crafted from 18k white gold, this uniquely designed split ring is a Marco Bicego masterpiece. Its incredible detailing on the band adds to its beauty and sophistication. The dazzling diamonds featured on each row make this ring speak of charm and classy taste.

Marco Bicego Rings

Lunaria 18k Yellow Gold & Aquamarine Ring

From the Lunaria collection, this extremely exquisite work of art is made from 18k yellow gold. Its brilliant aquamarine gemstone speaks of artsy taste and a love of nature.

Marco Bicego Rings


Siviglia Open Oval Gold Ring

This unique piece was taken from the Siviglia collection. Crafted from 18k yellow gold, this beauty features open ovals with a smooth satin finish. It is a mixture history and modernity.

Marco Bicego Rings

Jaipur Link Gold Ring

This incredible unique piece was selected from the Jaipur collection. 18k yellow gold was used to create this artistic, fun design. It features majestic swirls with glazed satin finish.

Marco Bicego Rings- what makes them so special

Each ring created by Marco Bicego is an untainted expression of luxurious art that maintains the high standards his luxury products are known for. Expert craftsmen make every piece by hand using special tools. There is so much love and thoughtfulness put into the time intensive work of making Marco Bicego jewelry. These rings are intended to last many lifetimes and only increase in their value. Marco Bicego gains his inspiration from nature and travel. His coil creations and engraving techniques are amazing to look at and very hard to achieve- and a throwback to the ancient jewelry makers.

Choose Marco Bicego Rings every time

This luxury brand’s bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and especially Marco Bicego rings are bold, daring, and sensational. Find your favorite style- one that represents who you are and what kind of style you have, and let your hands do the talking!

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