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Princess Cut Engagement Rings fit for Royalty

Maybe you weren’t born into royal lineage, but your wedding day will surely make you feel just like a princess. You may be looking for princess cut engagement rings to remind you of your worth- and the great name aside, this cut itself is a royally popular choice!

Princess Cut Engagement RingsHow to identify Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Generally, the princess cut engagement ring looks clean and sparkly. It is enchanting because of its ability to be dramatic and elegant at the same time. It is easy to identify a princess cut diamond. There are certain unique features that make it recognizable.

Shape of the centre stone

Traditionally, a princess cut diamond was always shaped like a perfect square. However, today’s designers have figured out how to do a princess cut on a rectangular diamond, too.

Number of Facets

Though unable to see all the angles with the naked eye, diamond cutters can skillfully cut a princess diamond with up to 150 facets, 78 of which are visible without the use of a magnifier. The facets appropriately add to the brilliance of a princess cut diamond by dispersing the light from various angles.

Corners of Stone

The corners of the princess cut stone are usually dramatically pointed. However, some princess cut engagement rings have corners that are slightly angular. The sharp French corners add to the elegance of the ring. Sharp corners create the illusion of an inverted pyramid, when viewed at certain angles.

Best Settings for Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Since the delicate corners of the princess cut engagement ring are prone to chipping, you’ll need a setting that will protect the corners. Certain settings work better than others on a princess cut. Keep these settings in mind as you are shopping around:

  • The Four- Prong Setting

This is the ideal setting for the princess cut engagement ring. Although more prongs will further secure the gemstone, they have the tendency to block the light from passing through the stone; hence four prongs are just perfect. The V-shaped prongs are the best choice for this particular cut, since it will accommodate the sharp edges best.

  • The Channel Setting

As the name suggests, the channel setting is basically an engagement ring with a channel of smaller princess cut gemstones securely fitted into the wall of the band. This further beautifies the ring and protects the edges of the stones with the wall of metal snugly placed against them.

  • Three Stone Setting

This setting features two smaller stones on either side of the center stone. This setting allows you to add some extra flare to the princess cut engagement ring. A colorless center stone can be used with two colorful corner stones if you want to be creative. Suggested gemstones for the corners include ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

Favorite Picks: Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Second only in popularity to the round cut, the princess cut engagement ring is the preferred choice in fancy cut rings. Here’s a glimpse of some of the top choices of princess cut diamonds:

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Criss Cross by Gabriel & Co.

This stylish princess cut engagement band has elegance written all over it. It features a crisscross band paved with smaller diamonds that aptly complement the main diamond. The fiery brilliance of this piece will certainly leave her spellbound.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Pave and U Set by Michael M.

From the Trinity Collection by Michael M., this breathtaking masterpiece is crafted from 18k white gold. It features a majestic diamond accompanied by two smaller but equally exquisite princess cut side stones, mounted on a band of two channels lined with dazzling diamonds.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Pave Diamond by Michael M.

Crafted from 18k white gold, this scintillating work of art will certainly make you like royalty. It features three rows of intricately placed diamonds on its shoulders to compliment the centerpiece that gives off a fiery sparkle. It is available also in platinum, 18k rose and 18k yellow gold.

The perfect ring for a Princess Bride

Princess cut engagement rings are associated with all things royal and elegant. Choose the ring that is fit for a princess to remind you of the magic of your big day!

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  1. Princess Cut Diamonds are beautiful.

  2. Three stone settings are my favorite right now. The princess cut diamonds really pop in a three ring setting.

  3. Out of all the cuts I think I like the princess cut diamonds the best. they have a great sparkle to them.

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