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White Gold Engagement Rings for Every Bride

The mere thought of white gold and diamonds conjures up dreams of wedding gowns, flowers and handsome grooms. White gold engagement rings have been preferred over yellow gold by young brides for decades. See what all the fuss is about, and browse our top picks!

White Gold Engagement RingsHow White Gold Engagement Rings Fit Into the Look

When you dream of weddings, do you dream in the color white? White symbolizes hope and new beginnings. White represents what is fresh and new, and what is pure and selfless. This has always been the signature bridal color in western civilization, and it still is today.

The classic dream of a white wedding includes:

  • Gorgeous white gowns
  • Delicate white baby’s breath blossoms in your bouquet
  • White frosted cakes
  • White linen table dressings
  • Flashing white diamonds
  • White gold bridal jewelry to coordinate with your white gold engagement ring.

Add a handsome groom in a dove gray morning coat for soft contrast, and you’ve got the look! Dreams really do come true, and you can plan the wedding that you’ve always wanted… starting with your white gold engagement ring.

In the 1800’s, engagement rings were most always made of yellow gold. During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, metalwork techniques gave brides a new choice. Brides of that era fell in love with white diamonds set in white precious metals like platinum and white gold. The love affair with white gold engagement rings has lasted one hundred years and counting.

Beautiful, Valuable, Affordable…and Hypoallergenic

White gold is less expensive than platinum, but it looks the same. The budget-friendly precious metal became the ring setting of choice throughout the Art Deco era of the twenties. During World War II, most of the available platinum was needed for the war effort, so white gold became the most popular metal choice for engagement rings, by a long shot.

Pure gold is yellow with a reddish tint, and is generally too soft for ring designers to work with. Other metals, called alloys, are blended into pure gold to make it malleable, strong and durable. Alloy metals change the color of the gold.

For the last hundred years or so, white gold has been the precious metal of choice for engagement rings. There are other reasons for that besides it’s fabulous silvery luster.

Reasons to choice a white gold engagement ring:

  • White gold combined with white diamonds seems to give the ultimate sparkle.
  • White gold is less expensive than platinum.
  • Because of its alloys, white gold is stronger and more scratch-resistant than yellow gold.
  • White gold is more durable than yellow gold. It will last more than one lifetime.
  • White gold is much more valuable than sterling silver.
  • As long as nickel is not added as an alloy, white gold is hypoallergenic.

White gold purity and metal alloys

White Gold is a combination of pure gold and one white metal alloy. Nickel is commonly used because it is less costly than other metals.

The common formulation for white gold is 90% gold and 10% nickel. A little bit of copper is sometimes added to increase malleability. The purity of white gold is measured in karats, which is usually 14k, 16k and 18k. The karat determines the price with 14k being the least expensive.

However, a substantial portion of the population, one in eight, is allergic to nickel. If your skin reacts to nickel, make sure palladium or nickel-free silver is the alloy used in your white gold engagement ring. The last thing you’ll want is a ring that leaves a greenish tinge around your finger!

Favorite White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings come in many different styles. You might prefer the look of clean, simple lines. You might like the minimalistic look of a solitaire to accent the diamond without distracting from its beauty.

Others love the embellishment and details of an intricately designed engagement ring setting. We have favorites in both categories. In fact, some of our favorites include other precious gemstones besides diamonds that are set into white gold engagement rings.

Gabriel & Co. Halo And Side Sapphire With Milgrain Detailing

White Gold Engagement Rings for every Bride

A Victorian styled engagement ring that perfectly accents the diamond halo with two sophisticated side sapphire stones. The polished band is filled with diamond channels that lead to white gold scrollwork underneath the white center stone.             

ArtCarved Kathleen from the Classic Collection

White Gold Engagement Rings For Every Bride

Get the classic look of a white gold diamond solitaire engagement ring with a Split Shank. This is perfect when you want a simple and clean engagement ring with a flawless design to perfectly feature the high quality diamond center.

ArtCarved Eris from the Vintage Collection

White gold Engagement Rings for Every Bride

The ArtCarved Vintage Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with a Diamond Shank Scrollwork Filigree and Hand Milgrain Detail shows how beautiful and embellished white gold can be. The band has so much detail and the diamond has the most elegant halo, giving extra sparkle and shine to the bride        who wants more of the glitzy factor.


White Gold Engagement Rings for Every Bride

A simple and elegant style, this A. Jaffe white gold engagement ring is made from 18k white gold with channel set diamonds stretching across the band. This ring is the proof that less is more when it comes to luxury bridal jewelry. When the bar of quality is set this high, you don’t need any frills or extra features, because it’s just right.

Say I DO to White Gold Engagement Rings

You will be in good company when you choose to go with a white gold engagement ring. Princess Diana chose white gold as the setting for her sapphire and diamond engagement ring- a ring that Princess Kate now proudly wears. Princess Grace received a 12-carat emerald cut diamond set in white gold. Approach bridal jewelry like princess! Choose a white gold engagement ring that fits your style, whether you’re a minimalist or a bold fashionista, and join the ranks of the white gold ring flashing brides!

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