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Armenta Necklaces: Dark Art of Seduction

The collections of Armenta Necklaces are not for everyone. These unique pieces have a dark and mysterious element to them, making this brand a favorite among artists and deep thinkers. Armenta necklaces are unusual, maybe even spiritual, and always rather unpredictable.

Armenta Necklaces Hold a Deeper Meaningarmenta necklaces dark art

Nothing says “I’m unusual and mysterious and deeply alluring” like Armenta jewelry does. Designer Emily Armenta celebrates having courage and strength in her necklace designs. In a magazine article from last year, she describes her pieces as having a rough quality that is her way of paying homage to the beauty of life, and the painful struggles that lead to achieving greatness.

You will see the obsession with beautiful flaws represented in the tiny hand hammered indentations. Armenta necklaces contain a lot of symbolism in the detailing. These surfaces may appear to be damaged at a glance, but that is by design, and nothing is a mistake when it comes to Armenta. Look for the iconic elements of Crivelli, the circle, the shield and the scroll, hidden throughout her collections.

Blackened Sterling Silver Old World Bar Armenta Necklace

Armenta Necklaces

18k gold chain with a blackened sterling silver bar.

The bar is set with a row of black diamonds.

Armenta’s Blackened Sterling Silver Bar Necklace is unique. This beautiful “Old World” design in a bar style necklace has the sexy tough rocker girl look about it. You will see the Crivelli element represented by the beauty of the detailed imperfections in the bar. The circle element, representing groundedness, is seen in the round diamond settings. Emily Armenta is passionate about empowering women to find success. When you wear this necklace, you will project confidence in your own abilities.


Silver New World Armenta Necklace with Diamond Stations

Silver and Champagne Diamonds from the New World Collection.

The long necklace has 4 black rhodium (from the platinum family) stations set with diamonds.

Armenta’s Silver New World Necklace is simple, but it’s far from ordinary. You’ll want to see the detail in this necklace to really appreciate the artistic intricacy that gives Armenta designs their passion. The circles and shields tell the story of our safety and completeness in a busy world. The dark delicacy of this necklace easily compliments additional layers of necklaces, so you can get on board with the cool, jewelry-stacking trend.


Pavé Round Drop Enhancer for your Armenta Necklace

Old World pavé round drop enhancer with white and champagne diamonds and white sapphires.

18k Yellow Gold bail.

The Pavé Round Drop Enhancer will update your look for fall and winter. Add a touch of dark seduction and glamour to your favorite chain necklace. The 18K gold bail easily and securely clips onto anything that you want to enhance. Clip several chains together for a layered look, or try this design with a long rope of dark pearls or beads. Pavé is the name associated with styles where precious stones are set closely together so no metal shows in between.

Armenta Necklaces are a balance of soft and hard

Armenta Necklaces provide a bold point of view in delicate and sometimes even subtle way. These settings are made with intricate detail and contain symbols of strength, knowledge and completeness. If you like what you see, check out the bracelets, rings, and earrings. There’s even Armenta for the guys! Like it or not, Armenta designs are unapologetically feminine mixed with a hint of dark magic, and they’re taking the luxury jewelry world by storm.

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