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ArtCarved Wedding Rings

ArtCarved is a thriving company founded back in 1850, by J.R. Wood and Sons of New York. Their innovative marketing practices and stunning bridal designs catapulted them to success early on. Today, ArtCarved wedding rings are still considered among the most prestigious.

ArtCarved Wedding RingsThe Reputation Behind ArtCarved Wedding Rings

ArtCarved is credited with many firsts in the jewelry industry. Their reputation is built on a list of successes, from innovative jewelry making processes to establishing a new way to purchase luxury pieces.

The Victoria

J.R. Wood and Sons offered their first diamond engagement ring and named it for the fashionable Queen Victoria. The queen was devoted to her husband Albert, and she had a fondness for diamonds. Women admired the Queen’s ring for its beauty and delighted in her personal romance story with King Albert.

First Seamless Wedding Band

During the 1890’s, J.R. Wood and Sons introduced the first seamless band wedding ring by soldering the seam for a smooth and comfortable wedding band. The ArtCarved wedding rings had 14k gold and a “W” etched on the inside for J. R. Wood & sons’ maker mark.

ArtCarved Wedding Rings Catalog

In 1909, J.R. Wood and Sons put together a catalog with samplings of their jewelry, so shoppers could browse and learn about specific items before arriving at their store. No one had ever done this kind of marketing in the jewelry business before.

Art déco was in high fashion in the twenties, and that’s when J.R. Wood and Sons introduced ArtCarved wedding rings. In 1970, when they merged with Lenox, the name was changed to ArtCarved. The ornately carved wedding rings inspired the new name.

ArtCarved Wedding Rings – A Template For Business Today

ArtCarved Predecessor J.R. Wood and Sons operated from their ultramodern glass building that was large enough to house 1,000 workers. They opened the very first call center. After choosing a wedding ring from the catalog, couples could call in their ring order and expect delivery within 24 hours.

During the 1940’s when the manufacture of precious metal jewelry nearly ceased because the materials were dedicated to the war effort, ArtCarved continued to produce. With special permission from the government, ArtCarved became the only jewelry company in the U.S. to continue making fine jewelry.

Using brilliant advertising campaigns, ArtCarved promoted the dual ring wedding, where both husband and wife received a band. It was 1940’s wartime and newlyweds were likely to be separated for long periods of time. Couples felt closer if they each had a symbolic ring to remember each other and their vows.  For many, it may have been matching gold bands.

ArtCarved Wedding Rings

ArtCarved jumped on the celebrity endorsement bandwagon in the 1950s. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood graced the pages of fashion magazines wearing ArtCarved wedding rings. Elizabeth Taylor, like Queen Victoria, had a passion for diamonds and ArtCarved had breathtaking diamonds.

Fast forward to the year 2000 when Frederick Goldman Inc. acquired ArtCarved and now continues the tradition of designing gorgeous carved wedding bands for women and men. In 2014, ArtCarved began an advertising campaign to reach millennials with their Live for the Moments collection. ArtCarved also designed a new vintage collection inspired by the designs found in the old J.R. Wood and Sons Catalog. 

ArtCarved Wedding Rings are Distinctive

ArtCarved wedding rings are distinctive. If there are diamonds or other gemstones, they will catch the eye first. ArtCarved rings have layers of interest with sparkle, shine, texture, and art. Each ring is a tiny work of fascinating art. You will find your ring in one of the four ArtCarved collections; Classic, Contemporary, Vintage, or Stackables.

Stackable Collection: Stunning diamond wedding band and with Leaf and scroll accents with Milgrain. This is truly a band you can admire on your hand for a lifetime. 

ArtCarved Wedding Rings

Elise From the Vintage Collection: Gorgeous and artfully designed wedding band to compliment the matching engagement ring. 

ArtCarved Wedding Rings

Ilena From the Contemporary Collection: White and rose gold two-toned rope detail with diamonds 

ArtCarved Wedding Rings

Classic Betsy: When Betsy lets her hair down, she goes for multi-row pave diamonds and rose gold. 

ArtCarved Wedding Rings

Sovereign for His Majesty: Comfort Fit wedding band with intricate, engraved scroll design, milgrain and flat edges. 

ArtCarved Wedding Rings

Paragon For Your Paragon of a Groom: Intricately engraved wedding band with woven design, milgrain and step edges. Layers of fascination. ArtCarved Wedding Rings

Aspire to be like ArtCarved

ArtCarved has followed basic rules of success. They have a desirable product, they meet their clients where they are in life, and they have a reputation of excellence in the luxury jewelry industry, famously known for their engagement rings and wedding bands. ArtCarved boasts a long-lasting success story based on love and commitment… most fitting for a bridal jewelry company!

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